Let's Conquer Monsters Together

Join us in effecting change in education by earning an advanced degree from Concordia University - Portland.

3toPhD® believes education is so much more than just tests, lesson plans, and even classrooms. It’s a holistic environment that enables students to thrive. One that empowers them with all the tools they need to learn and grow, like nutrition, healthcare, and proper clothing. Our groundbreaking program takes education beyond the classroom by nurturing students’ whole selves, leading not with quotas, but with compassion. Not with test scores, but with heart.

Concordia combines the best in theory and practice for your undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate education degrees.

Concordia University-Portland’s College of Education is preparing the next generation of educators to address the needs of the twenty-first-century classroom with relevant and responsive curricula. Concordia graduates stand out to employers – with the skills, integrity, and compassion to meet rapidly evolving, complex student needs. 

Concordia offers an on campus program at our beautiful Portland campus, fully online programs, or hybrid options to best meet your schedule. If education is your passion, Concordia is your university.

One Year MEd

There’s a reason you began teaching — shaping futures, encouraging dreams, and guiding students. The future of our world sits in your classroom every day and Concordia can  provide you with a program that fits your schedule, your career, and your heart — allowing you to nurture the motivation you had to become a teacher.

Three Year EdD

Compelled to enhance your leadership capabilities so you can make immediate and long-term impacts? Agree that even the smallest positive change in the education sphere can have a ripple effect on the world at large? If so, our innovative program can help you make a larger impact.

Scholarships Available

We offer up to $3,000 in scholarships for MEd programs and $5,000 for EdD programs,
and you may qualify for free textbooks.

Why Concordia?

As innovators in the field of learning, Concordia University-Portland’s College of Education has been empowering teachers for over a century and continues to influence education from prenatal to the doctoral level. In fact, our College of Education is housed in the flagship school of our new educational model, known as 3toPhD®. The same bold minds behind this innovative prototype are also those shaping our ongoing educational research, and our undergraduate and graduate programs. We’re growing our community of professional educators to advance learning at every stage — join us.

Advanced education programs — designed for educators just like you.

We offer a course schedule that’s perfect for working educators — take just one or two classes at a time.

Keep up with industry trends — our curriculum is constantly being updated to reflect emerging research.

Our 113-year history has made us one of the most respected learning communities in education today. 

Our student services team is invested in your success — our online students are supported from day one. 

Champions of progress, our graduates emerge prepared for advancement on every level.

You’ll learn from principals, administrators, and other teachers with in-the-trenches experience using leading-edge theory and user-friendly online tools to help you get the most out of your course experience. And you’ll interact closely with your peers and professors — potentially fostering friendships and mentorships to last a lifetime.