When you take on the mantle of becoming a Concordia graduate student, you’re telling us, yourself, and the world that you believe education can move molehills and mountains—and that both are vitally important feats.

Like many online programs, we’re accredited, nonprofit, and 100% online. But here are our truths that no one else can own but Concordia University-Portland. Here’s why employers respect our graduates, and why our graduates are proud to be Cavaliers.

We are trailblazers in the field of education.

In 2017, the nation’s first 3 to PhD® campus opened in Portland, Oregon, a result of a pioneering partnership with Concordia University-Portland, Portland Public Schools, Faubion School, Trillium Family Services, Kaiser Permanente, and basics. 3 to PhD creates safer, healthier, more educated communities from prenatal care through pursuing one’s highest dreams. The new 3 to PhD® community:

  • Serves nearly 800 PK-8 children, 81% of whom are eligible to receive free and reduced lunch

  • Houses our College of Education, giving Concordia’s future teachers the opportunity to apply their coursework working in Faubion’s classrooms

  • Operates a Food Club with healthy low-cost food choices and a demonstration kitchen to teach older kids how to cook healthy meals

  • Offers a backpack program run by Concordia University nursing students which provides free food in backpacks to Faubion students upon request—to take home over the weekend

  • Provides counseling, and dental and health care services to members of the community

  • Our mission is clear, unyielding, and time-honored.

    Since our doors opened in Portland, OR in 1905, our mission has remained constant: we are a Christian University preparing leaders for the transformation of society. We do this within a community that’s motivating, evolving, and inclusive. We’re committed to academic scholarship intertwined with faith-based values. When you become a Concordia student, you’ll see our values reflected in each course, in each relationship, and in each conversation.

    Our Core Values

  • Christian

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Excellence

  • Community

  • Service

  • Why does this matter for online students?

    Because you should want your virtual experience to radiate from an actual university where change agents, innovation, and service collide. 3 to PhD® is an innovative model of teaching and learning, providing practical application of the latest best practices in education.

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  • Service is in our DNA.

    While we embrace innovation, we also stay true to our unwavering values in a constantly evolving society. As just one example, we fulfill our commitment to servant leadership in the community through a number of programs with nonprofit partners in Portland and the larger region, actively engaging our students, faculty, staff, and supporters in these efforts.

  • Each year, Cavaliers contribute more than 251,000 service hours in their communities through practicum, internships, and service learning projects

  • These programs serve an estimated 10,000 people, including 5,000 youth

  • And within our new 3 to PhD® community in Portland, over 300 Concordia faculty and student volunteers serve as mentors, reading coaches, and tutors at Faubion School

  • Concordia has been recognized on the U.S. President's Community Service Honor Roll for five consecutive years and as seventh in the nation in community service by Washington Monthly magazine

  • When we say rigor, we mean rigor.

    In today’s unpredictable world where the economy changes daily, zeitgeists shift overnight, budgets are scrutinized, and kids are easily distracted, educators have to be assiduous. On top of their game. Authoritative, and smart. If you invest in an MEd or EdD program, your instructors should be those things too.

  • Concordia University-Portland was ranked among the top 10 in the nation for our MEd in Administration program in Teacher.org's Best Colleges for Educational Leadership rankings, released in August 2016.

    Look at This
  • We’re constantly ensuring that our faculty and curricula are at their best for our students. We revise courses every 12-18 months—and every week, our instructors participate in a staff development call to keep them fresh.

  • We use an iterative approach. Whether it means extra help or extra revisions, it’s important to us that you finish a course having learned the materal, not just gotten a grade.

  • "Educators in Oregon love our graduates. I have many principals emailing me with job openings, and they come to us first."

    LORI SANCHEZ, Program Director, Graduate Studies, College of Education

  • Concordia MEd graduates surveyed reported significant gains in...

    • In-depth knowledge of
      their field or discipline

    • Their ability to use the
      techniques, skills, and tools
      necessary for their profession

    • Self-esteem and

    • Their ability to conduct
      scholarly research

    • Understanding and using
      quantitative reasoning methods

    • Critical thinking and
      reasoning skills

  • And administrators, and principals, and tutors, and curriculum designers, and...

    Educators are selfless nurturers of the human spirit. Architects of confidence. Igniters of flames. Their impact is everlasting and infinite. At Concordia, we believe you’re already doing amazing things, and that our programs will only enhance them greatly. Just ask any of the more than 10,000 graduates of our College of Education: Why Concordia? Because education is what we’ve been doing for more than a century. We were, are, and always will be in your shoes. We get you. And we heart teachers, because teachers have heart.

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