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Virtual Applause Part 2: These 5 Teachers Are Making a Difference

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team October 17, 2017

Small gestures, words of encouragement, and moments of connection make a difference in the classroom. In this blog series, Virtual Applause, we recognize teachers across the country who make an impact by developing innovative curricula, thoughtfully engaging with their students, and finding opportunities to connect education to the world outside the classroom. Every state and… Read More

Teachers have to be incredible multitaskers to juggle so many roles and get their to-do lists done. Learning how to master time management and stay organized can reduce stress and create more time to enjoy the rest of your life. These four apps can help you do just that. 1. Toodledo What it is: Toodledo… Read More

Teaching is one of the rare careers where it’s still common to stay in the same profession — possibly even in the same school — for a good portion of your career. For some teachers, this stability is part of the appeal. But for others, there comes a point where the joy is gone and… Read More

It’s easy to fall into a routine of assessing students the same way over and over. But letting students choose from a menu of assessments can do them a lot of good — and make you a better teacher. Sure, it takes time to create alternative assessments, but there are tons of resources online that… Read More

Classroom teaching brings fresh challenges each year. But after a time, some teachers want to step out of the classroom and shoulder broader responsibilities. Taking a job in administration is a common path for those who want to stay in education but extend their reach beyond one classroom. “A lot of times, teachers decide they… Read More

Beyond the Classroom: Career Options for Teachers

By Margaret Steen April 3, 2017

Getting an advanced degree or a teaching credential prepares you, obviously, to be a teacher. But sometimes — either after a short time in the classroom or after decades on the job — teachers decide they want a different career. “When a teacher feels as though the whole profession has really lost its luster, or… Read More

Teaching Methods and Curriculum: Common Sense Prevails

By Room 241 Team August 10, 2016

To stay at the top of their teaching game, and keep their skills sharp, teachers should always ask questions: of their districts, of their students and of themselves. At least that’s what Art Anderson of Concordia University-Portland suggests. He should know – he is a faculty member in the MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Methods… Read More

In a constantly evolving education space, early childhood educators face a daunting task: They must create an atmosphere that encourages free, but also purposeful exploration. The best teachers pay close attention to each child’s unique talents and craft personalized, hands-on learning opportunities that spark natural curiosity. We asked one of our MEd in Curriculum and… Read More

Rightfully so, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can help children who are economically challenged. Schools are our best tools against poverty, which we know from the proven connection between education and the ability to attain higher-paying jobs and careers. Yet this is sometimes only part of the picture. Classrooms occasionally… Read More

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two fascinating technologies that have incredible potential in the classroom. While the day-to-day use of these technologies in schools is still years away, more and more developers, companies and entrepreneurs are going to see the possibilities and eventually scale them into the classroom experience. It‘s not a matter of… Read More

School, Inc.: Are Students People or Products?

By Monica Fuglei June 7, 2016

With the post-No Child Left Behind focus on school reform, many schools have began to look like tiny people factories dedicated to producing high-quality students. The idea of education as a commodity that can be improved through competition is evident in policies including teacher evaluation processes that tie salary to performance level, implementation of benchmark… Read More

Teachers: How to Ride the Waves of Change

By Brian P. Gatens May 5, 2016

Schools will never stop changing and evolving. Change is fine when you can manage it yourself and you enjoy the support of your school administration and colleagues. It grows more difficult when it lands upon you from up high and feels like an incredible drain on your limited time and resources. I’ve seen both kinds… Read More

Motivating Students: Maybe We Need to Rethink Everything

By Brian P. Gatens April 7, 2016

Nothing, absolutely nothing, beats having motivated and engaged students. We try all sorts of strategies — rewards, threats, grades — to get our students to do what we want them to do. But nothing seems to work for everybody: Some students have plenty of motivation and give us what we want, while others do just… Read More

5 Great Authors Every Teacher Should be Reading

By Brian P. Gatens March 14, 2016

You have to keep learning. Sure, trying to keep up with the latest research and publications often feels like drinking from a firehose, but sometimes you need a refreshing take on educational topics and how best to work with children. These five authors will provide that refreshment: Rachel Simmons I make no secret of my… Read More

We all need to try harder to turn our students into better citizens. Just look at voter turnout in major national elections. The U.S. Election Project, a non-partisan organization that tracks voter turnout, says the turnout percentage for U.S. midterm elections hovers in the mid-30s and moves into the mid-60s in a presidential election. Contrast… Read More