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School Supplies

Shopping For The School Year? These Retailers Offer Discounts for Teachers

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team September 2, 2017

School supplies, classroom crafts, poster boards—all necessary items for a fun and educational school year. But costs can add up quickly, and teachers are already spending an average of $500 out of their own pocket for school supplies each year. We know you’re not required to spend your own money on your students. We also… Read More

Finding Free or Low-Cost School Supplies for Your Class

By Room 241 Team August 16, 2016

Getting the right supplies for the start of school isn’t just a challenge for parents and students, but increasingly for teachers, too. Teachers, especially those who work in underserved communities, must find ways to provide academic necessities like pencils, paper and books for their students, often without funding from their school district. But gathering enough… Read More

What kids eat at school is getting a lot more scrutiny these days. Schools often (though not always) serve the cheapest, most heavily processed meals. Since the controversy about “pink slime” in the meat served in school lunches a few years ago, many parents have grown increasingly worried about school food quality. That’s the backdrop… Read More

The Educational Technology Sniff Test: 6 Questions You Must Ask

By Brian P. Gatens September 3, 2015

Every time a hot new classroom technology arrives on the scene, we face the same question: How do we make sure it’s not just another fad? Classrooms, like the rest of our world, seem to be soaked more and more in technology every day. Smartphones, social media and low-priced computers seem to be everywhere at… Read More

Gone are the days of chalky hands and noisy slates. Though dry-erase boards remain, many students and teachers use interactive whiteboards, Chromebooks, and Wi-Fi. Investment in educational technology, or ed tech, is at an all-time high, with numbers reaching $1.36 billion in 2014. Ed-tech investments are high, but most of the money doesn’t go into… Read More

Finding the Right Mix with Classroom Technology

By Brian P. Gatens March 9, 2015

A common drumbeat in American education is that newer and better technology (CHROMEBOOKS! iPADS! SMARTBOARDS!) will be the key to increased student performance. That if we just add…one….more…thing…we’ll have the results we’re looking for. That’s a mistake, and it’s largely the result of relentless marketing from an educational technology industry that knows we have budgets… Read More

In my posts for district leaders, I’ve raised a number of questions about the degree to which district-level employees believe their primary responsibility is to support schools so that students can learn. Some of these are issues related to customer service. Others arise from the need to help employees at all levels see and understand… Read More

OneNote App Can Boost Classroom Organization

By Rob Klindt August 6, 2014

For generations of K-12 students, a paper notebook or three-ring binder was a necessity for classroom organization. But thanks to technology, today’s students can cast aside paper organizers in favor of mobile apps that take classroom organization to a whole new level. Mobile organization apps let students combine lecture notes, study materials and classroom resources… Read More

When Clark Kent takes off his glasses, a sudden wave of energy rushes through him that prepares and enables him to conquer anything that lies ahead — much like what Concordia University-Portland aims for its students. His abrupt superpowers shocked and even surprised him at first. With devotion and persistence, he realized the potential of… Read More

As students enter school and encounter curriculum increasingly technology-based, their exposure to the Internet increases dramatically. Since 2000, the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) has provided filtering guidelines for schools and libraries intended to protect students from access to content that is obscene, involves child pornography, or is harmful to minors in some way. CIPA… Read More

Schools Need Great Electives; Here's How to Get Them

By Brian P. Gatens April 7, 2014

There is so much more to school than core classwork. The schools that serve children best focus on essential academics, but they also realize that when students look back on the major influences on their college and career choices, they often recall their favorite electives. How then can schools forge the best elective class offerings?… Read More

Five Free Websites for Students to Build Research Skills

By Room 241 Team April 30, 2013

Finding free Web resources for building research skills is essential for teachers who are on a restricted budget. Teachers can use the Internet to access amazing research resources, thanks to the U.S. government. From finding lesson plans to scanning patent applications, teachers can uncover a wealth of information on history, art, science, language arts, math,… Read More

5 Ways for Latinos to Pay for Grad School

By Room 241 Team February 27, 2013

Anyone considering pursuing their master degree or doctorate has to also plan how they will pay for grad school. Scholarships, grants and loans are the options available to most people. Loans, however, should be a choice of last resort. Sometimes loans can have high interest rates and they all, of course, must be repaid. If… Read More

3 Sites that Offer Free Alphabet Printables for Preschoolers

By Room 241 Team February 26, 2013

School districts across the country are short on funding, so free alphabet printables for preschoolers can be a valuable addition to any teacher’s inventory. The preschool years are the ideal time for children to learn the basics, such as the shape and sound of letters in the alphabet. Posting colorful posters with each letter or… Read More

4 Faculty Meeting Agenda Templates

By Room 241 Team

A faculty meeting agenda template is the key to creating a well-planned and helpful agenda for any faculty meeting. Some consider an agenda a road map, a blueprint, or even an unseen guide on the path to harmonious and productive meeting. More than just a list of items on a page, an agenda minimizes wasted… Read More