Teacher holding tablet teaching kids on grassfield

How to Integrate Technology with Teaching ELL Students

By The Room 241 Team March 6, 2013

Educators face a number of challenges when designing programs that match technology with English Language Learners (ELL)—also referred to as ESOL, English for Students of Other Languages—students’ capabilities. Computer literacy levels among ELL students run from having no experience at all to being able to reprogram or optimize a system for greater efficiency. Fortunately, there are… Read More

11 Free Reading Comprehension Exercises Online

By The Room 241 Team November 23, 2012

When students have difficulty comprehending what they’re reading, not only could they have trouble in nearly every subject in school, but they miss out on the joy of exploring new worlds, traveling back in time, and solving mysteries alongside their peers. High-interest stories sometimes are motivating enough to read, yet some students continue to struggle when… Read More

Teaching reading, that building block of learning, can be difficult. But educators who come in with a strategic plan, an ability to gauge a student’s reading level and exposure to real-life solutions, can have a leg up, said Monica Nagy, a professor in Concordia University-Portland’s online Master of Education program. Nagy is principal at Windmill… Read More

Tips for Teaching Grammar to ESL Students

By The Room 241 Team November 10, 2012

Grammar is often the most feared aspect of the English language. Teaching grammar to ESL students is one of the toughest tasks faced by most ESL instructors, and for good reason. Many of us do not even fully understand our own grammar rules. Even when we do, conveying them in an understandable format for ESL students can… Read More

How Teachers Can Help ELL Students Create a Community

By The Room 241 Team October 26, 2012

Educators in both primary and secondary settings are looking for innovative ways to engage ELL (English Language Learners) students that will improve language acquisition efficiency. To accomplish this goal, some classroom teachers are looking to professional development strategies. Creating a learning community that is supportive and encouraging and that works toward a shared goal is… Read More

4 Ways to Help ESOL Students Reach First Grade Reading Levels

By The Room 241 Team October 20, 2012

Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) can be quite challenging, and bringing students to even a first grade reading level takes time and effort. Fortunately, there are significant resources available to help teachers and their students on the rewarding journey to reading proficiency. Here are four ways to help ESOL students- many of… Read More

Making STEM Courses Attractive for ESL Students

By The Room 241 Team October 19, 2012

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or STEM, courses are designed to keep students at the forefront of the global conversation and innovation. Supporters of this type of emphasis in education believe that American students must be strong in these areas of study if the United States is going to remain a leader in the global economy. Many… Read More

5 Effective Strategies for English Teachers

By The Room 241 Team October 17, 2012

Teaching English is no easy feat. With a variety of different skill levels in every classroom, teachers must employ effective strategies that allow each student to learn the material. Whether the class focuses on literature, grammar, or language skills, these teaching strategies will come in handy for many English teachers. Five Effective Strategies for English… Read More

ESL Teaching Strategies for Educators

By The Room 241 Team October 14, 2012

Every teacher strives to make a long-term difference in the lives of children who attend their classrooms. Educators who teach English as a Second Language (ESL) have no doubts about their impact on students. Teaching English to speakers of other languages present unique challenges: Due to limited vocabulary range or nervousness, students may struggle to… Read More

Five Stages of Second Language Acquisition

By The Room 241 Team October 4, 2012

Learning to speak and write one’s native language well is often challenging enough; acquiring these skills in a second language requires even more effort, commitment, and practice. Mechanics of second language acquisition Each language has its own set of rules for speaking and writing the language properly, and individuals trying to learn a new language… Read More

Adapting ESL/ESOL Curriculum for Common Core

By The Room 241 Team October 2, 2012

Students who are learning English as a second language present a unique set of challenges for the classroom and the implementation of the Common Core Standards. Children in these situations come from a variety of backgrounds. Some may speak native languages that have some similar vocabulary to English, and these students may be able to… Read More

As an expert in the field of language development for impoverished students, Concordia University-Portland Professor Richard Turner is fully aware of the obstacles Latinos and Hispanics must overcome to succeed in American schools. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (2008-2010), 61 percent of Latino children under the age of 18… Read More

Teaching English and Reading with Graphic Novels

By Correne Constantino April 15, 2011

What do you think of when you hear the words graphic novel? Do you think literature or do you think junk? Do you think of cartoons and toys or do you think reading, connecting and thinking? Graphic novels are too often thought of as junk or empty reading. This is untrue; in my course room… Read More