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Educational Leadership

Instructional Rounds: Not Just for Administrators

By Jennifer L.M. Gunn October 11, 2017

Ever wonder what’s happening in the classroom across the hall? Besides overhearing some Staff Lounge chatter or taking a cursory glance from the hallway while passing by, teaching can often happen in isolation, and we don’t always know what’s really going on in classrooms beyond our own. Why instructional rounds? Teachers get observed and evaluated… Read More

Q&A with MEd Graduate: Ponjul Zwalda ’14

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team August 23, 2017

For the past twenty-one years, Ponjul Zwalda has impacted the lives of countless students in Nigeria and South Africa. As a math and science educator, he is determined to show students what they are capable of, while continuing to find ways to improve his practice, focus on his students as individuals, and analyze the bigger… Read More

A Leader's Voice for Bringing Technology into Classrooms

By Room 241 Team September 10, 2013

Bringing technology into the classroom is a no-brainer for Daniel Frazier, superintendent at the Litchfield Independent School District in Minnesota. “I’ve always felt that it is important we stay on the leading edge of technology and education,” Frazier said. “The future of our kids requires they know how to use this technology.” And he’s done… Read More

School Leadership: Five Key Functions for Principals

By Room 241 Team May 8, 2013

The requirements of school leadership principals bring to their schools and their students, teachers and support staff have undergone a radical transformation over the past 10 years. Where once it was enough for a principal to be simply a hands-on manager and administrator, times have changed, and more is demanded of their roles. While the… Read More

7 Elements for Effective School Leadership Feedback

By Room 241 Team May 6, 2013

Effective school leadership feedback is a necessity when it comes to running a school smoothly. Teachers need that stability in order to make their classrooms as effective as they need to be. A leader must have certain qualities if they are going to effectively lead and give proper feedback to everyone else. According to Susan… Read More

Four Instructional Leadership Skills Principals Need

By Room 241 Team April 30, 2013

There’s no doubt that instructional leadership requires the school principal to wear many hats. At various times, principals must be administrators, managers, diplomats, teachers and curriculum leaders, sometimes all within one school day. It is definitely a balancing act, and principals must be proficient in all of these areas, as well as able to fluidly move… Read More

The job description for a teacher not only encompasses enriching the lives and minds of students, but school leadership teachers must also work as advocates for their school community. When teachers are working in the classroom each day, they must serve as  mentors for the students and their fellow employees. There are various leadership roles… Read More

Education Leadership and Management

By Room 241 Team March 9, 2013

People who understand education leadership become successful school administrators. Often they will pursue a master in education degree to get the foundation for the business and administrative responsibilities. They will then get additional education in the areas that allow them to excel as leaders in the school system. The leadership roles allow one to create… Read More

Education equity is about providing students with a fair learning environment that promotes excellence for all people. Teachers can enhance their background by earning a master’s degree that focuses on the study of equity and ethics. With advanced training, educators learn to combat social and economic factors that affect a student’s ability to meet the… Read More

4 Faculty Meeting Agenda Templates

By Room 241 Team February 26, 2013

A faculty meeting agenda template is the key to creating a well-planned and helpful agenda for any faculty meeting. Some consider an agenda a road map, a blueprint, or even an unseen guide on the path to harmonious and productive meeting. More than just a list of items on a page, an agenda minimizes wasted… Read More

How to Make Digital Games for Science Fair Projects

By Room 241 Team February 11, 2013

For students looking to make an impact in the science fair, digital science fair projects games are a great way to go about it. Not only does the process of making a video game involve a ton of scientific thinking, it also produces something that most everyone is interested in. A fun, interesting game will… Read More

5 School Leadership Qualities Every Teacher Possesses

By Room 241 Team February 6, 2013

Teachers have various levels of school leadership qualities. Some are learned and some are part of their personality. Great teachers possess a combination of leadership qualities that are respected by the students, parents, peers and the community. They can accomplish important tasks because of this connection they have with their profession and the people they… Read More

Successful Examples of Increasing School Attendance

By Room 241 Team January 28, 2013

The motivation behind increasing school attendance should be obvious. Students who are fully engaged in the entire school process learn more, retain more, process lessons more effectively, and have a better chance of achieving long-term academic success. Simply stated, being there physically increases the odds of also being there mentally and emotionally. Basis of truancy Truancy refers… Read More

Educational staff development is essential for producing highly qualified teachers who can meet the more stringent state and federal teacher standards established by the federal Department of Education in their No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation, as well as the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). Many times, trained professionals need to teach the teachers, so they can more effectively teach… Read More

Four Ways to Coach a Struggling Teacher

By Room 241 Team January 9, 2013

A big part of education leadership comes through coaching struggling teacher concerns. There can come a time in any educator’s career when he or she struggles to meet challenges. It could happen early in a teaching career, when he or she is just learning the ropes, or perhaps hit a snag later in his or her career. A specific issue,… Read More