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How to Make The Best Use of Your Enrollment Specialist

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team August 4, 2017

When you request more details about Concordia University-Portland’s online MEd or EdD programs, you’ll quickly hear from one of our incredibly skilled Enrollment Specialists—E.S., for short. Perhaps you’ve already heard from your assigned admissions guru, but haven’t had a reason to call them back. Or, maybe it’s been a while since your undergrad years, and… Read More

8 Scholarships To Help Fund Your MEd or EdD

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team July 26, 2017

If you’re eager to advance in the field of education but lack the financial means to do so, scholarships can be a huge help. Below are a list of scholarships not affiliated with Concordia that we think prospective MEd and EdD students will find interesting. A few things to note: some of them you can apply to… Read More

School administrators often wear multiple hats just like teachers do, but what is it really like to go from being a classroom teacher to an administrator? Meet Sharon Langley and Whitney Meyer, two administrators who know exactly what this journey entails. They graciously agreed to share their thoughts, experiences, and advice with us.   Whitney… Read More