Early Childhood Education

Books wrapped up as holiday gifts

The holiday season is truly magical when we set aside time to focus on the joy and wonder of the world. Families and friends gather, spread the cheer, and and indulge in traditions. It’s a time when adults have an easier time viewing the world through the eyes of the children that we have been… Read More

You Know You’re An Early Childhood Educator When…

By The Room 241 Team October 30, 2017

One of the best parts of connecting with other educators in the same field as you is sharing inside jokes, stories, and daily occurrences you can all relate to. And when that field is early childhood education, those moments can get pretty hilarious. Here are some signs you’re a true-blue, tried-and-tested early childhood educator. You… Read More

“I dream big for my students”: Q&A with Anita Green, MEd ’15

By The Room 241 Team September 18, 2017

Since Anita Green flew from Louisiana to Oregon for her Concordia University-Portland MEd graduation, her world and her work have continued to expand in meaningful and exciting ways. She has a passion for helping economically disadvantaged students, but doesn’t limit her service to students alone. This summer, Anita traveled to Ghana to help teachers improve… Read More

In a constantly evolving education space, early childhood educators face a daunting task: They must create an atmosphere that encourages free, but also purposeful exploration. The best teachers pay close attention to each child’s unique talents and craft personalized, hands-on learning opportunities that spark natural curiosity. We asked one of our MEd in Curriculum and… Read More

Good Advice: How To Be an Elementary School Teacher

By The Room 241 Team February 27, 2013

This post has been updated as of December 2017. Being an elementary school teacher is one of the most admirable roles an educator can hold—at the same time, it’s no doubt challenging. You’re required to produce results for your district and are perhaps even evaluated based on those statistical results and data analysis. You have… Read More