Community Engagement

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We’ve mentioned before that it took several partners to help Concordia University’s College of Education and the Faubion School come to life and become what it is today: a groundbreaking facility that brings PreK-8 and higher education learners together under one roof, with wraparound services in the medical, dental, and mental health arenas to help us address… Read More

Top Five Takeaways: Trauma-Informed Transformations in Education

By Madeline Turnock December 4, 2017

Schools and classrooms are the heartbeat of our communities — at the intersection of learning and of life’s challenges. These challenges and high levels of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are a daily reality; and how schools and educators adapt and respond with a trauma-informed approach is critical to learning outcomes. To acknowledge and address these… Read More

3toPhD®: Concordia’s Revolutionary Education Model

By Kara Wyman, MEd August 10, 2017

It all started in 2008 with a knock on the window. It was LaShawn Lee’s first day as principal of Faubion School in Portland, Oregon. She had just been told that there was next to nothing with regards to funding for her students, 80% of whom were part of the free and reduced lunch program…. Read More

Education equity is about providing students with a fair learning environment that promotes excellence for all people. Teachers can enhance their background by earning a master’s degree that focuses on the study of equity and culturally responsive teaching. With advanced training, educators learn to combat social and economic factors that affect a student’s ability to… Read More