Back to School Season

As summer comes to an end, preparing for the school year and welcoming classrooms full of fresh faces is a great time to add a few tools to the teaching toolbox. Establishing new practices at the beginning of the year seems daunting, but it can help set up long-term success in building and maintaining positive… Read More

The best teachers begin a new school year with a set of resolutions to improve their classroom practice. Like me, they believe there is no standing still in education. We’re either moving toward being better or moving away from it. What is it about these teachers that make them so great? Perhaps it’s an inside… Read More

Dedicated and hardworking teachers are like a coiled spring at the start of the school year. The summer break lets them rest and recharge, and they begin the new school year filled with ideas and goals borne from the ability to think long-term. Yet I caution teachers against doing too much too soon. It’s better… Read More

Teachers: Four Ways to Start the New School Year Strong

By Brian Gatens August 6, 2015

Nothing beats a strong start to the school year. A solid opening filled with good information, positive parental contact and clear class expectations will put your class on a constructive path that will help during the doldrums of mid-year and the growing excitement of the school year nearing its end in June. Here are some… Read More

5 Tips for Better Classroom Management

By The Room 241 Team January 9, 2013

As any experienced teacher knows, there is more to managing a classroom than simply standing in front of students and telling them what they will be learning on that particular day. You probably know that good classroom management starts with organization and communication. These five crucial tips can help you organize and manage your classroom more… Read More