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Graduate Writing Center Information

Need help with a paper? Want to improve your writing skills? Searching for resources for your students? The Graduate Writing Center is here to help!
Graduate Writing Center tutors can help with:

  • Development, organization and support of content (ideas, concepts, arguments)
  • Meeting the needs of the assignment (answer the call of the question)
  • Using thesis as a control to focus and organize the essay
  • Using a topic sentence as a control to focus and organize a paragraph
  • Meeting audience needs
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Using adequate transitions between paragraphs/sentences
  • Correcting wordiness and awkwardness
  • Eliminating mechanical errors
  • Checking for correct documentation forms

To schedule an appointment with a writing tutor, please book an appointment online, or email the Graduate Writing Center. In your email, please include:

  • Standard greeting, including your full name, course name and number (ie EDGR 506), and assignment deadline
    • Example: Dear Writing Center, My name is John Jones. I’m an MEd student and I’m submitting an assignment for EDGR 602 due Mar 31.
  • Attachment of your draft in a Word document only
  • The assignment instructions/rubric
  • 1-3 writing concerns or questions to focus on during the review.

Please note: Papers will NOT be reviewed without all of the information listed above. Tutors do not correct or re-write papers or do research. They are present to guide you through the writing process.

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