What to expect in EDDR 698

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Students in EDDR 698 are expected to complete the following objectives:

  • Dissertation research fieldwork and dissertation (32 weeks minimum — 4 iterations)
  • Prepare to initiate the Research Field Experience
  • Conduct Research Field Experience: Data Collection
  • Analyze data + findings
  • Write/draft Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Results
  • Feedback on Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Results (FC + Content Specialist + Content Reader)
  • Write/draft Chapter 5: Conclusion
  • Feedback on Chapter 5: Conclusion (FC + Content Specialist + Content Reader)
  • Edit + synthesize dissertation
  • Submit final draft of dissertation
  • Dissertation defense
  • CU-p IRB closure
  • Revise dissertation post-defense
  • Submit dissertation for library cataloguing
  • Graduation

Your dissertation will go through many versions and require extensive edits.

Once all chapters are written, the committee will re-review the dissertation as a whole document. Students should expect major edits to all chapters of their dissertation in preparation for a polished document to be presented in the defense.

A list of Dissertation Editors is available in the dissertation guides and resources in the Blackboard Classroom. Though optional, employing an editor may save considerable time and money and shorten the editing process overall.

Faculty Chairs have 48 hours to respond to email questions, and up to two weeks to return documents with edits. Therefore, it is important to keep on schedule and communicate with your instructor.

EDDR 698 is a continuous enrollment course. If the student does not defend their dissertation and submit to CU Commons by the end of Week 6 of their fourth iteration, they will be scheduled for a further iteration of the class.

Please check with Financial Aid for any change in schedule and to plan for possible out-of-pocket costs. Your Financial Aid advisor can be reached at (503) 280-8561 or finaid@cu-portland.edu.

Be advised: Students cannot take a break from EDDR 698 while collecting data.

Tips for successful dissertation writing:

  • Make sure to review all dissertation guides and resources contained in the Blackboard Classroom.
  • Download Grammarly. The basic edition is free and will help catch little errors (not including APA).
  • Complete drafts and edits in a timely manner.
  • Schedule bi-weekly meetings with your Faculty Chair.
  • Prioritize meetings with your Faculty Chair so they are not (or rarely) missed.
  • Come to all meetings with documents ready, making sure that your Faculty Chair has access to your most recent work.
  • Take notes on your meetings and send an email to recap all objectives and agreed upon timelines.

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