What is the iterative process?

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Iterative Process

A unique aspect of the transformative educational philosophy of the College of Education at Concordia University–Portland is the iterative process of teaching and learning. We recognize that learning occurs with each iteration of a given assignment. With the iterative process as a guiding principle, instructors may invite you to resubmit work for the purpose of deepened learning and understanding.

      • If an instructor invites you to resubmit, you will have one week from the original submission due date to do so.
      • Resubmissions submitted after midnight Pacific Time on the last day of the course will not be graded, with the exception of invited resubmissions on the final assignment which are due within 48 hours of the instructor’s offer to resubmit.


Please Note: The above policies are also outlined in Concordia’s MEd Student Handbook, as well as each course syllabus in Blackboard.

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