What is Concordia’s late work policy?

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Late Work Policy

While it is expected that all assignments be completed on time, we recognize that occasionally circumstances occur that are beyond your control. Please note the following:

      • All coursework is due by midnight on the last day of the course. Late work submitted after midnight Pacific Time on the last day of the course will not be graded.
      • In the rare event that you need to submit an assignment late due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances, it is imperative that you make arrangements with your instructor as soon as possible.
      • Late work must be submitted within one week of the due date to be considered for grading. Assignments (including discussion board posts, peer responses, and uploaded assignments) will not be accepted if more than one week late.
      • Assignments due within the last week of class must be submitted by midnight Pacific Time on the last day of the course.
      • Extensions cannot be granted beyond the last day of the course.


Please Note: The above policies are also outlined in Concordia’s Student Handbook, as well as each course syllabus in Blackboard.

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