What is Concordia’s EdD grading scale?

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Concordia Grading Scale

Concordia’s grading scale can be found in the Assignments section of the “Syllabus and Overview” tab in Blackboard: Number scores are eventually computed into percentages, and the percentages into letter grades. Note: 83% and below is not passing at the graduate level (it is below an earned B)

The following scale is used to assign the actual letter grade:

Percent  Grade
96 to 100%  A
93 to 95%  A-
90 to 92%  B+
87 to 89%  B
84 to 86%  B-
80 to 83%  C+
77 to 79%  C
74 to 76%  C-
71 to 73%  D+
67 to 70%  D
64 to 66%  D-


Please Note: The above policies are also outlined in Concordia’s Program Handbook, as well as each course syllabus in Blackboard.

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