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In order to succeed at Concordia University, here are a few tips and tricks you will need to stay organized, and on top of your work.

Have the Right Tools for Job

Here are a few necessary items as you make your way through the program

  • Strong and Reliable Internet Service
    • It is imperative that you are able to access your courses almost every day to participate and access readings.
  • A Reliable Computer 
    • A reliable computer with sufficient space will be needed to store all the assignments and digital articles you will acquire in the program.
  • External Hard Drive
    • Just in case something happens to your computer, it is a good idea to have all important documents saved in a secondary location.
  • Be Well-versed in APA Writing Style
    • You will use APA writing style in all writing during the program. Familiarize yourself with APA formatting and citation requirements.

Stay Organized for Success

Organization is particularly important when completing a doctoral program. Here are some things you can do to create order.

  • Save Everything You Read and Write
    • At the start of each session, create folders on your computer for each class with a sub-folder for each week of the session, and sub-folders for each assignment within each week’s folder.
  • Keep a Study Journal 
    • While you will not officially begin your dissertation until Phase III of the program, in preparation to keeping a research journal start thinking about possible dissertation ideas and topics, and begin collecting related journal articles.


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