Time Management and Rituals

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Create and maintain a sound time management plan as you take on the time-demanding tasks of your course

  1. Set Goals & Timelines
    • Each week, review all assignments and estimate the time needed for completion. Once you have the time requirements, prioritize your assignments with measurable and attainable completion targets, accounting for personal obligations as well, so you are able to meet the deadlines for each assignment.
    • Whenever possible, be sure to reward yourself when goals are met.
  2. Avoid Procrastination 
    • This program is extremely rigorous so it is necessary and important to spend time each day studying and participating in the course.
    • Begin writing assignment drafts as EARLY as possible. 
    • Display assignment deadlines in an area where they will be seen often, such as your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. You can also add them to your work calendar or set 24-hour pop-up reminders using your cell phone or computer.
  3. Study Smart
    • For each article you read, put the APA reference at the top of the page, bullet information you find useful for the assignment. Be sure to include page numbers for each bullet point and any direct quotes you plan to utilize.
    • Prior to submitting an assignment, read it to yourself or someone else out loud. Make revisions, and read it again to ensure your thoughts are clear for the reader.
    • Take study breaks when needed, but schedule a time to return to your work when you are refreshed. 
  4. Plan for the UNEXPECTED
    • Have a backup for all soft copies of files, and have hard copies of critical papers and drafts. Utilization of a ‘cloud’ service may be helpful so that you have access from almost anywhere.
    • Be sure to prioritize and work ahead on major assignments.
    • Download and save the syllabus, assignment directions and rubrics, articles, and discussion board directions for each class. If you do not have access to the internet, you can still complete the work and submit assignments when you are able get internet access.
    • Have a backup location where you can gain internet access in the event that your home internet access is down, such as a coffee shop, library or a friend’s house.

Develop Rituals to Keep You Accountable

Develop study rituals to maintain your pace throughout the program. Keep yourself accountable and on track. Here are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success

  1. Set Time and Location for Coursework
    • It is important to find a quiet, consistent place to study. Be sure to download any electronic textbooks you receive to computer for continued access after the conclusion of your course.
  2. Create a “Portable Office” 
    • Be prepared for anything that may impede your normal ritual by creating a portable office in a backpack or roller bag with copies of your papers and course materials in hard and/or electronic form.
  3. Take Your Books/iPad everywhere
    • Do you commute to work via public transportation? Do you have to wait at your child’s extracurricular activities? Plan ahead and take every free moment you have to read the materials for your courses.

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