Tips for Success

Tool Tips and Organization

By The Room 241 Team July 31, 2018

In order to succeed at Concordia University, here are a few tips and tricks you will need to stay organized, and on top of your work. Have the Right Tools for Job Here are a few necessary items as you make your way through the program Strong and Reliable Internet Service It is imperative that… Read More

Time Management and Rituals

By The Room 241 Team

TIME MANAGEMENT is Key Create and maintain a sound time management plan as you take on the time-demanding tasks of your course Set Goals & Timelines Each week, review all assignments and estimate the time needed for completion. Once you have the time requirements, prioritize your assignments with measurable and attainable completion targets, accounting for personal obligations… Read More

Blackboard and Class Participation

By The Room 241 Team

Participate frequently in order to keep pace with the rigor of your courses. Think of the tips below as ways to show up to class and sit in the front row or be the first person to raise your hand to answer a question. These tips will help you maintain a high level of effective participation.  … Read More

Family and Work Balance are Essential Establish a good balance while juggling family, work obligations, school demands, and life in general. The following will help keep your stress levels lower throughout the program.   Schedule Time With and Honor Your FAMILY With such a demanding coursework load, spontaneity may not always be possible, and it will be… Read More