MEd Degree Completion Plans

By The Room 241 Team May 3, 2019

What is a Degree Completion Plan? A Degree Completion Plan (DCP) is a document that is specific to a program and concentration/specialization. The DCP lists out the required courses of the program and has fields where session dates can be notated for each course. The document can be used to track your progress towards degree… Read More

What is the iterative process?

By The Room 241 Team June 26, 2018

Iterative Process A unique aspect of the transformative educational philosophy of the College of Education at Concordia University–Portland is the iterative process of teaching and learning. We recognize that learning occurs with each iteration of a given assignment. With the iterative process as a guiding principle, instructors may invite you to resubmit work for the… Read More

What is Concordia’s late work policy?

By The Room 241 Team June 25, 2018

Late Work Policy While it is expected that all assignments be completed on time, we recognize that occasionally circumstances occur that are beyond your control. Please note the following: All coursework is due by midnight on the last day of the course. Late work submitted after midnight Pacific Time on the last day of the… Read More

What is Concordia’s MEd grading scale?

By The Room 241 Team

Concordia Grading Scale Concordia’s grading scale can be found in the Assignments section of the “Syllabus and Overview” tab in Blackboard: Number scores are eventually computed into percentages, and the percentages into letter grades. Note: 83% and below is not passing at the graduate level (it is below an earned B) The following scale is… Read More