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Participate frequently in order to keep pace with the rigor of your courses. Think of the tips below as ways to show up to class and sit in the front row or be the first person to raise your hand to answer a question. These tips will help you maintain a high level of effective participation.

  • Class Participation
    • Be sure to read assignment instructions carefully, highlighting specific guidelines that need to be followed to receive full credit.
    • Ask questions often and early. If you do not understand assignment directions, your instructor will be your best source for information.
    • During the week, sign into your class(es) at least once each day.
    • Read and respond to the posts of your classmates with meaningful information, examples and questions that will spur deeper learning and understanding.


  • Blackboard 
    • Read and take note of any weekly announcements from your instructor and ask for clarification right away if needed.
    • When creating a thread in the discussion board, create meaningful subject line titles for your submissions.
    • Use MS Word to type, edit, and save all discussion board posts and assignments first. Copy and paste your discussion posts into Blackboard. Assignments can be attached as MS Word documents.
    • Strive to always meet discussion board requirements in order to have an authentic contribution. Some requirements include:
      • Support your ideas with information from research and cite and reference your sources using APA style. 
      • Meet the minimum length requirements; if you don’t know the minimum, ask your instructor before submitting your post.
      • As much as possible, contribute information which has not already been mentioned in order to expand the discussion.

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