The Placement Office oversees the clinical experience portion of licensure programs within the College of Education. Students and teacher candidates enrolled in Concordia's undergraduate, MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching), and MEd (Master of Education) programs are required to complete a series of clinical experiences before graduating and obtaining a teaching license or additional professional endorsements. Candidates of undergraduate and MAT programs will complete specific requirements (e.g. edTPA Teacher Performance Assessment) in their practicum and student teaching clinical experiences. MEd candidates have a variety of requirements depending on the program and endorsement (ESOL, Reading Interventionist, PE/Health, and Administrative options available).

The Placement Office secures placement opportunities on behalf of candidates and will take into consideration placement preferences/suggestions provided by candidates through the Placement Application and Agreement forms. The Placement Office cannot guarantee the site of your choice; however, we do value input and will make every attempt to honor the request.

The Placement Office will submit requests for placement to designated school district personnel and will provide packets of information that include overviews of the clinical experiences, along with student/candidate résumés and letters of recommendation. School district personnel will then review and forward request packets to their teachers and school administrators. The district office will notify the Placement Office if/when mentors have been identified and placement(s) are approved. Once finalized, the Placement Office will provide students/candidates with a confirmation of their placement and instructions on how to proceed. The amount of time needed to secure placements varies from several weeks to several months, depending on the school district. Until an official confirmation is received, please know the Placement Office is diligently working to secure the placement.

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Clinical Experience Requirements by Program


  • Field of Experience
  • Practicum (semester-long)
  • Student Teaching

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

  • Practicum
  • Student Teaching

Master of Education (MEd) with Endorsement

  • ESOL, PE, Health, Reading Interventionist: (90-hour practicum)
  • Preliminary Admin Practicum: (240-hours in a primary site school / 120 hours in a supplemental site school)
  • Professional Admin Practicum: (280-hours in a district administration office)

For additional information about practicums/student teaching/field experience, forms, workbooks and other resources please contact the Placement Office: 503-493-6458 |