You’ve taken the first step towards advancing your career. And now that you’re pursuing a higher degree at Concordia University-Portland’s College of Education, you’re ready to take the next step. It all starts here, with a few tools, tips, links, and a little virtual guide gathering your materials and prepping for classes.


Student Portal

The student portal is the gateway to earning your degree. Access your email, MyCU, and Blackboard.

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Student Portal

The student portal is the gateway to earning your degree. Access your email, MyCU, and Blackboard.

Student Portal Login


Meet over 10,000 educational professionals who appreciate your drive

Concordia University-Portland is home to a strong and active support network of educational professionals who are eager to include new Cavaliers. We encourage you to browse our official alumni section and explore the full advantages of connecting with us – starting right now.


Join us on Blackboard – where it all comes together

Blackboard is the main course management system used by Concordia University-Portland. Faculty load course content in a confidential and class-specific manner, administer exams, deliver grades, and monitor discussion. For students, Blackboard can be used to submit assignments, read and post to class discussion boards, view materials uploaded by professors, take quizzes, and more. It’s intuitive and easy to use, with support available at every turn.

Academic Calendar

The full academic calendar, including add/drop/withdrawal deadlines, can be found here.

Tuition Assessment

Doctorate Program:

The tuition assessment and refund policy can be found here.


Our libraries are always open—and the bookstore delivers

On-site resources just down the hall

Full-text articles and journal databases are yours, with around-the-clock availability and 24/7 online libraries. And all of your textbooks are available through our partner MBS Direct with your student ID (G number).


We work closely with our textbook partner, MBS Direct, to guarantee you receive the best in education. Free shipping is available for orders over $49.00.

Get started now! Purchase your textbooks in the online store.

Need help with ordering textbooks? Visit our bookstore page.

On-site resources

Have a medical care need? In need of dental care? Check out the new Kaiser Permanente 3toPhD Wellness Center on campus, available to all students, located in the Concordia University + Faubion School building. Accepting all insurances and will assist students without insurance.

Need to pick up a few food items or grab something for lunch? Visit Basics, the food club located in the Concordia University + Faubion School building. Basics sells healthy and organic foods at a reduced cost in order to ensure Faubion and Concordia students aren’t going to class hungry.

Program Handbooks

Please take your time to read through the program handbook to fully understand what is expected of you as a Cavalier in one of Concordia University’s degree programs. Download the latest version here:



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