You’ve taken the first step towards advancing your career. And now that you’re pursuing a higher degree at Concordia University-Portland’s College of Education, you’re ready to take the next step. It all starts here, with a few tools, tips, links, and a little virtual guide gathering your materials and prepping for classes.


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The student portal is the gateway to earning your degree. Access your email, MyCU, and Blackboard.

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Student Portal

The student portal is the gateway to earning your degree. Access your email, MyCU, and Blackboard.

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Concordia University-Portland is home to a strong and active support network of educational professionals who are eager to include new Cavaliers. We encourage you to browse our official alumni section and explore the full advantages of connecting with us – starting right now.


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On-site resources

Have a medical care need? In need of dental care? Check out the new Kaiser Permanente 3toPhD Wellness Center on campus, available to all students, located in the Concordia University + Faubion School building. Accepting all insurances and will assist students without insurance.

Need to pick up a few food items or grab something for lunch? Visit Basics, the food club located in the Concordia University + Faubion School building. Basics sells healthy and organic foods at a reduced cost in order to ensure Faubion and Concordia students aren’t going to class hungry.

Program Handbooks

Please take your time to read through the program handbook to fully understand what is expected of you as a Cavalier in one of Concordia University’s degree programs. Download the latest version here:



Check out the answers to our most common FAQs

What is a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree?

The MAT program will prepare candidates to teach at either the elementary level (Grades K-8) in a self-contained classroom or at the secondary level (Middle and High School) in a subject-specific class such as biology or social studies. Upon successful completion of the program, students are recommended for an Oregon Preliminary Teaching License.

What tests do I need to take for the MAT program?

There are tests mandated by the state of Oregon for teacher licensure. Please consult this list of testing requirements.

What are the delivery options for the MAT program?

Two program options are available for MAT students on campus in Portland, Oregon. Students selecting the 11-month, Full-time program can begin the program in either January or June and will attend school full time during the day. Students selecting the 22-month MAT Evening program will begin the program in late August and will attend classes two evenings per week during the first four semesters. During the fifth and sixth semesters, MAT-E students are required to attend full time for practicum teaching, student teaching, and one final evening course. The January start is for the elementary grade level only, the June and August starts are for both elementary and secondary grade levels.

For those living in San Bernardino, CA and who are interested in teaching at the elementary level (PreK-grade 8), Concordia offers an online MAT program that can be completed in 20 months. The clinical experiences required to earn a MAT (practicum and student teaching) will be completed in a school setting in the San Bernardino area.

How can I find a clinical placement?

The Placement Office oversees the clinical experience of licensure programs within the College of Education. Please visit the Placement Office page for more information.

I’m a licensed teacher in Oregon or Washington, how do I know what MEd program is right for me?

Please contact an admission counselor at 503-280-8501 to discuss which programs will best fit your needs. Some programs provide additional licensure or endorsements for Oregon and Washington educators. You and your school must meet certain qualifications to pursue additional licensure, and our counselors will be happy to discuss your options on the phone or in-person.

Where can I find library and research guides for the MEd capstone project?

Here’s a link to our library resources for MEd students.

Where can I find library resources for the EdD research?

The research library is a valuable resource for doctoral candidates. Several databases are available to help candidates locate scholarly articles and studies throughout their tenure in the program. Here’s a link to our EdD Research Library.

Where can I find more information about the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the EdD program?

Concordia University-Portland IRB approval for research is a significant milestone on the doctoral journey, representing that the candidate’s research design has passed a formal ethics review, which has determined that the proposed research design complies with current federal regulations for research involving human subjects. Here’s a link to our IRB.

What are the delivery options for licensure and certificate programs?

Courses for add-on certificate and licensure programs are only available for those working in Oregon or Washington, and most courses can be taken on campus, online, or as a combination of both.

How do I request a transcript?

You may request an official or view an unofficial transcript through your MyCU student account or visit the Office of the Registrar's transcript page for step-by-step instructions by clicking here.

How do I apply for graduation?

Submit your application to the Registrar’s Office. Follow the proceeding instructions to apply or contact your Student Services Advisor for more information.

  1. Log into your MY.CU account

  2. Select “Student & Financial Aid”

  3. Select “Student Records”

  4. Select “Graduation Application”

How can I check my grades?

Students can view their grades for individual assignments in the “My Grades” screen in each Blackboard course. Official course grades and transcripts can only be accessed via My.CU. Finals grades will be available through My.CU within a week after each course ends. My.CU is the same website you use to accept financial aid and update personal information. Remember to use your CU ID number (Gnumber) and PIN to login to My.CU..

How do I access the online library resources?

Concordia University-Portland offers many online tools, including full text articles and journal databases. To access the online library, go to

How can I find out more about the American Psychological Association (APA) format required for Discussion Board posts and in the formal writing I do?

Concordia University-Portland's library offers links to many writing resources including APA formatting sites. To access these resources go to

What is the Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society?

Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society organized to recognize scholarship and excellence in education. Each spring new students may be inducted into Concordia’s College of Education chapter if they obtain an overall GPA of 3.3 for undergraduates and 3.7 for graduates and meet all other chapter requirements. Visit the Kappa Delta Pi webpage for more information.

Does Concordia offer post-graduate seminar credits?

Yes! Concordia University is proud to partner with Dr. Becky Bailey, an international expert, publisher in early childhood education and development and the creator of Conscious Discipline, to provide graduate seminar credit for her workshops. Learn more on our Professional Development Conferences page.