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Who We Are

We are Concordia. A nonprofit university based in Portland, Oregon that’s been preparing teachers to be the best they can be for over a century.

What We're Doing

The first day of school is a momentous occasion not just for students and parents, but for teachers too! This back-to-school season, join us in celebrating you – our teachers – as we showcase your passion for and dedication to shaping the future. Together we can create a social media movement honoring your years (or first year!) of service. Use the “My ___ #FirstDayOfSchool” poster to share how many first days of school you’ve had during your career and what inspires you to teach. Then post it to social media and encourage your fellow teachers to do the same.

How you can join the movement

  1. Download the “My ___ #FirstDayOfSchool” poster template.
  2. Write in how many first days of school you’re celebrating, pose with your poster, and post the picture on social media on your first day of the school year.
  3. Be sure to include “My ___ #FirstDayOfSchool” as well as the reason you love to teach in your post.
  4. Rally other teachers to make and share their own posters!

Example post copy: "This is my 14th #FirstDayOfSchool at Mason High. I just love watching bright young minds flourish!”

Together, let’s make this an unforgettable back-to-school season!