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As an educator, you have seen firsthand the challenges students face every day. To many kids, these challenges can feel like monsters that constantly follow them, impacting their ability to learn.

Concordia's 3toPhD® program combats these fears by creating a world where education goes beyond the classroom, leading not with quotas but with compassion. Not with test scores, but with heart. Together, we know that nurturing students’ whole selves will inspire them to overcome any monster that stands in their way, and in turn, help our communities and the world grow.

Your commitment to a holistic education has already helped students conquer their monsters, just like the ones featured in ‘Dani’s Journey.’ We invite you to join a movement that proves no challenge is insurmountable on our students’ journey to achieving their highest dreams.

Share your story

Share how you’ve helped a student overcome his or her unique monster on social media. Be sure to include the hashtag #NurtureEducateGrow in your post.

Our goal is to turn some of your stories into a powerful storybook showing the many challenges we’ve helped students overcome. The book will become an essential learning tool to inspire more students to share the monsters they’ve faced without shame or fear.

Let’s conquer monsters together.