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We believe that everyone should have access to a college education.

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Madison Scholars

Learning culturally responsive practices — including how to make your instruction sensitive and inclusive for each student — makes you a teacher who’s better able to address student needs and create equitable learning opportunities.

By embedding yourself in an ethnically diverse local high school for a full year, the Madison Scholars program will enhance your standard Master of Arts in Teaching curriculum and classroom experience through intentional learning, hands-on training, and a culturally diverse education.

June 15th
Program Length 11 Months
Credits 39 Credit Hours
Accreditation NWCCU
SCHOLARSHIPS* Up to $1,850

Enrich Your Curriculum and Your Experience

Offering a unique opportunity for full-time secondary MAT students in language arts, social studies, math, science, and Spanish, the Madison Scholars program came about through a partnership between Concordia’s College of Education and Madison High School in northeast Portland.

In addition to the experience of teaching at Madison High School, you will be woven into the very fabric of the high school — meeting with the parents, participating in school activities, and being an active, integral part of the school community. While the program will require attendance at additional events, it’s an amazing opportunity for clinical experience.

Why Madison High School?

Madison High School

With more than 30 languages spoken representing more than 60 countries, Madison is the most ethnically diverse school in Oregon — and a realistic reflection of today’s America. Madison offers a full range of core college prep classes, as well as elective options in math, performing and visual arts, science, social science, and world languages. Students at Madison can also enroll in Advanced Placement and dual credit courses. Like Concordia, Madison High School is community-focused, from teachers and students to families and local partners.

Child Learning
I was really appreciative to have approachable, open-minded professors who had all “been through it” as former teachers, administrators, and even still-active educators. I trusted their expertise and wasn’t afraid to ask for help and advice.
MEREDITH WALES, MAT in Secondary Education '13


Big Opportunity, Big Rewards

Five Concordia MAT students will be selected as Madison Scholars. Each Madison Scholar receives:

  • $1000 Madison Scholar Award
  • Special training before the Madison High school year starts — including a restorative justice seminar and culturally responsive programming
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) training — a college readiness system designed to close the achievement gap
  • Advanced professional development with a teacher specifically assigned to you prior to your student teaching experience
  • Weekly sessions with a Concordia College of Education mentor to talk through challenges and opportunities
  • Enhanced experience working in a school beyond the teaching practicum hours
To learn more about becoming a Madison Scholar, please contact your admission counselor.