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You want to help shape the future. With a Master of Arts in Teaching from Concordia University, you’ll have everything you need to do just that.

Concordia has been educating teachers for over a century. Graduates from our MAT program are recognized by principals and school leaders as well-prepared for today’s classroom – with the knowledge, tools, and clinical experience necessary to teach effectively, work collaboratively, and be a guiding force in the lives of their students.

Classes that fit your schedule

You have the option of choosing either our full-time MAT program or our evening program (MAT-E). Taught by experienced faculty with extensive classroom experience, classes for both programs are offered on campus in Portland.


The full-time program takes approximately 11 months to complete. The spring term begins in January, and the summer term begins in June. The spring program is open to those interested in teaching elementary grades (PreK-grade 8). The summer program is for elementary and secondary candidates (Middle School and High School, Grades 5-12). All coursework and clinical experiences (practicum and student teaching) required to earn an MAT and an Oregon teaching license are included in the timeframe.


The MAT Evening (MAT-E) program takes 22 months/six semesters to complete. It begins in late August. Students in the program attend classes two evenings a week for the first four semesters. The fifth and sixth semesters, during which students complete their practicum and student teaching, require a full-time commitment.

Learning Tracks

In both the MAT and MAT-E program, your on-campus coursework and clinical experiences will be determined by which grade levels you’d like to teach.

Interested in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade? These grades are taught in self-contained classrooms, so you’ll be licensed to teach all subject areas.


Want to teach middle and high school? The secondary level is content-specific, so you’ll choose one or two endorsement areas in which to be licensed.


The Concordia Experience

If you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree, Concordia’s MAT program will enable you to enter the teaching profession at the Preliminary Teaching License level. By the end of the program, you should be able to plan and execute developmentally appropriate learning activities, demonstrate competency in various methods of authentic assessment, exhibit high moral and ethical standards, have a genuine understanding of culturally responsive practices, and appreciate that teaching is an act of supreme service to others.

Concordia professors never stop researching. They stay current on best practices and the latest findings about how young minds learn—and our regularly updated curriculum reflects that. Experiential learning—the experiences of our MAT candidates during their student teaching—also influences the curriculum. So what you’re learning is always current, relevant, and meaningful.

If you’re ready to make a difference in a classroom of your own, join us as we build a teaching force that enriches our community and finds hope for the future in every student.

Frequently Asked Questions
Testing Info

3 to PhD®

The 3 to PhD campus is home to our College of Education as well as Faubion School—and its 800+ pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade students. This means that as an MAT student, your classrooms are just down the hall from their classrooms—creating a highly contextualized learning experience.

The 3 to PhD educational model powerfully demonstrates not only innovation in practice but also compassion in action—a collaborative effort to strengthen the community from the ground up.


Madison Scholars

Offering a unique opportunity for full-time secondary MAT students in language arts, social studies, math, science, and Spanish, the Madison Scholars program came about through a partnership between Concordia’s College of Education and Madison High School in northeast Portland.



Professional Church Work (PCW) Certificate

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod students enrolled in the MAT program may elect to enroll in the PCW program. By completing additional requirements, MAT students may become eligible for placement in a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod school. Tuition for these additional courses will be billed at a Professional Church Worker rate. Please contact your admission counselor for more information at 503-493- 6523.

Coursework Requirements:
  • REL 211 - History and Literature of the Old Testament (3)
  • REL 221 - History and Literature of the New Testament (3)
  • CED 395 - Teaching the Faith (3)
  • REL 331 - The Christian Faith (3)
  • MAT 552L - Practicum: Lutheran Elementary Education (2-5) OR MAT 553L - Practicum: Lutheran Secondary (2-5)
Note: MAT 552L or MAT 553L would be in place of MAT 552 or MAT 553.
Thanks to Concordia, I felt SO prepared – not only for my student teaching, but for the interview process and beyond. Concordia does a great job in putting together the program, making sure the content is fresh and relevant, and making sure the right people are educating us.
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