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Reading Interventionist Certificate Program

The College of Education Graduate Reading Interventionist Certificate will strengthen and polish instructional skills for the teaching of reading in the general education classroom, or in the role as a reading interventionist at the building level. Oregon and Washington candidates seeking the Oregon Added Endorsement in Reading will also need to complete a 90-hour practicum at the appropriate licensure level and successfully pass the required Oregon state tests.

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Program Length One Year
Credits 17 Credit Hours
Cost Per Credit $697
Accreditation NWCCU
SCHOLARSHIPS* Up to $1,000
Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
Updated curriculum
Curriculum is up-to-date and relevant
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20,000-strong alumni
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Program Goals

Successful candidates will demonstrate:
  • Reading.I1: Expertise in the reading process and the factors that influence its development, the role of assessment to inform and adapt literacy instruction, the evaluation and use of formal and informal assessment tools for individual learners and groups of students, and the interpretation and communication of assessment results.
  • Reading.I2: Effective instructional skills in the theoretical and knowledge bases of reading, including literacy acquisition, and the construction of meaning. Candidates will provide practical classroom applications and instructional practices in order to create and engage their students in literacy practices that develop awareness, understanding, respect, and a valuing of differences in our society.
  • Reading.EF1: An understanding of literacy curriculum and engagement in instructional practices that positively impact students' knowledge, beliefs, and engagement with the features of diversity as well as implement strategies to advocate for equity.
  • Reading.EF2: The ability to assume a new role as a scholarly, principled instructional leader who integrates the district's vision through a standards-based literacy program.
  • Reading.LT1: The ability to modify instructional plans and promote alternative goals and strategies when necessary, particularly in relation to assessment results in the area of reading.


Reading Interventionist Certificate (17 Credit Hours)

  • EDRD 551 - Diagnosis and Assessment of Reading (3)
  • EDRD 552 - Fostering Engagement and Reading for Meaning through Young Adult and Children’s Literature (3)
  • EDRD 553 - Advanced Techniques for Teaching Reading (Levels CE/ELE/ML/HS) (3)
  • EDRD 554 - Current Issues in Literacy (3)
  • EDRD 555 - Organization and Management of Reading Programs (3)
  • EDRD 550 - Reading Interventionist Practicum (2)

Courses can be taken on campus, online, or as a combination of on campus and online.

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