Early Childhood Education: Curriculum and Leadership Certificate Program

The early years of a child’s life shape his or her entire future. As a professional working in early childhood education, your specialized skills play a critical role in supporting children’s social and emotional development. If you’re passionate about teaching young children (birth through age eight), this certificate program is ideal for enriching your own education. Our Early Childhood Education (ECE): Curriculum & Leadership certificate is designed for those who want to teach through active, hands-on engagement. Coursework will explore the latest research and current trends in ECE while deepening your knowledge about collaboration with/advocacy for families and leadership in early childhood settings. In less than eight months, you can advance your skills with the latest tools and strategies for enhancing the mindset, growth, and abilities of your young students.

Please note that completing this online early childhood education certificate program does not lead to state certification or licensure. In some cases, coursework may apply toward the renewal of a teacher’s license.

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September 2nd
Length 8 months
Credits 18 Credit Hours
Cost Per Credit $697
Accreditation NWCCU
Up to $1,000
100% online
100% online (no in-person field work required)
One year
Earn your certificate in less than 8 months, one class at a time
Updated curriculum
Curriculum is up-to-date and relevant
Accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
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Early Childhood Education: Curriculum and Leadership Certificate Program Goals

Upon program completion, successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to:
Understand Child Development

Understand Child Development

Apply their understanding of child development and learning within the context of families, cultures, languages, and communities in their work with young children.

Collaborate with Families

Collaborate with Families

Develop respectful, culturally and linguistically responsive relationships with families and communities to engage and collaborate in young children’s learning and development.

Use Appropriate Assessments

Use Appropriate Assessments

Utilize observations, documentation, and other appropriate assessments in a responsible manner to support positive growth for every child.

Promote Learning and Development

Promote Learning and Development

Implement a wide array of developmentally effective, culturally and linguistically relevant teaching practices to promote learning and development.

Implement Curriculum

Implement Curriculum

Utilize their knowledge of content to develop and implement curriculum that provides meaningful learning experiences to support learning and development.

Demonstrate Reflective Practices

Demonstrate Reflective Practices

Conduct themselves as ethical professionals and life-long learners who demonstrate reflective practices and serve as informed advocates for children and their families.


The Early Childhood Education: Curriculum and Leadership certificate is an 18-credit hour non-licensure/non-endorsement program

Early Childhood Education: Curriculum and Leadership Certificate
18 credits

This course provides an overview of the field of early childhood education by exploring its past, present and future. Significant issues focusing on advocacy for children and families will be addressed in terms of the interpretation of research, philosophical approaches, and application of theory. Students will become familiar with advocacy for children and families at the local, state, and national levels.

This course focuses on curriculum development in pre-kindergarten and the primary grades from a constructivist perspective. Emphasis is placed on facilitating child-centered learning and implementing authentic assessment practices within State prescribed standards and benchmarks. This course is specifically designed for classroom teachers willing to explore the opportunities of project-based learning.

This course focuses on the relationship between play and learning for young children (birth through age eight). It is based on the philosophy that children construct knowledge while actively engaged in the process of understanding the world around them. Strategies for implementing play opportunities in the preschool and primary curriculum will be accentuated in order that the student may create a classroom environment that supports playful learning.

This course examines the development of literacy skills in young children, ages 0-8. Topics include the reading/writing connection, use of trade books and thematic literature, and current research in the field of literacy development.

This course introduces candidate to leadership in early childhood education. Emphasis is placed on grace-filled, visionary leadership, creating a positive learning environment, continuous quality program improvement, and mentoring and empowering staff.

The focus of this course is on establishing respectful and reciprocal relationships between families and early childhood programs. With an emphasis on honoring diversity, candidates will develop strategies for collaborating with families in order to support the child’s learning and development.

Please note that completing this certificate program does not lead to state certification or licensure. This certificate is not designed or intended to lead in any way toward a teaching license, endorsement, or administrative credential.

Concordia offers several certificate programs with licensure and endorsement for those located in Oregon or Washington. See the options here.

Child Learning
I use the techniques I learned from my Early Childhood Education concentration to better assist my students with behavior, social and emotional needs.
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