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Teaching a student to read and helping them succeed looks easy in the movies. There’s a struggling student, a montage where the teacher helps the student, and then miraculously that student can read and they’re successful in every way. As educators, we know that so much more goes into literacy and how exactly we help… Read More

‘Intercultural competence’ is the ability to appropriately engage with people from other cultures—to successfully interact with people from other ethnic, religious, and geographical backgrounds. As you can imagine, it’s a critical skill for teachers, students, working professionals, anyone to have in today’s interconnected world. It breeds compassion, understanding, and opportunities to learn new ideas and… Read More

To anyone following world events, the need for ethical leadership seems more pressing now than ever before. Recognizing this need, Concordia University-Portland offers a unique array of undergraduate and graduate-level courses examining ethical leadership. These timely classes are designed to teach Concordia students how to make an ethical impact in their careers and in the… Read More