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Photo of Mischelle Strauser, MEd’17

It’s hard enough completing a MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Reading Interventionist while raising a family and working full time. Mischelle also faced evacuating her family but still didn’t quit. What inspired you to work in education? Originally, what inspired me to work in education was my 6th-grade teacher, Mr. Lewy. He was just an amazing… Read More

Teaching new educators the importance of compassion beyond academics is key to Rachael Hoffert’s approach. Because of her experiences with English language learning students, she teaches that the emotional security that teachers can provide is just as important as reading and writing skills. What inspired you to work in education? I see working in education… Read More

Read how Lisa Fee, a master’s level teacher with Concordia University-Portland, found her own online doctoral program experience. She actually helped create the online orientations for other students before becoming one herself–and now has a fresh perspective on how much community matters. Why choose Concordia University-Portland online when you work there already? It’s like a… Read More

In many schools, especially those in economically challenged districts, the relationships with students takes on a depth well past education. Teachers fulfill so many roles it could be discouraging, if it weren’t for the progress and the effect you can have connecting with entire families. Lauren’s MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Early Childhood Education has… Read More

Larry Newby expanded his way of thinking about teaching in his MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Methods and Curriculum program at Concordia, and it changed how he taught and spoke to students. It’s helped him focus more on teaching to the differences in how individual students learn to be more effective overall. What inspired you… Read More

There’s more to motivating and driving change than meets the eye. As a school principal comparing his experience at Title 1 schools to more affluent ones, John Paul Sanchez recognized the need to push change in the right direction with a greater sense of urgency. Read how earning his EdD in Educational Administration has given… Read More

Making a difference for students sometimes means avoiding a confrontational relationship between parents and schools. Debra Harper’s EdD in Transformational Leadership has given her a broader scope of understanding to help facilitate those relationships. What inspired you to work in education? I was on my way to start a fast-track for a bachelor’s degree in… Read More

Many teachers are understandably doubtful of the online learning experience. After all, we’re teachers. We know what a difference eye-to-eye contact makes. But by linking our graduate programs with a strong community and the right professors, Concordia made Felisha Skipper a fan when she earned her MEd in Educational Leadership. What inspired you to work in… Read More

Earning an MEd in Educational Leadership while teaching full time is a daunting challenge, both financially and schedule-wise. Add in family tragedy, trauma and cancer—and it feels impossible. Andre’ didn’t give up, but he also didn’t do it alone. Find out who helped him find the strength to continue, course by course to fulfill his… Read More

It’s one thing to believe in a cause, it’s another thing to change your career for it. Darlene Hester-Slade’s passion for special education developed later in life after she had already earned her MBA and had a fifteen-year career as a successful accountant. We sat down with this Virginia-based Exceptional Education Teacher to find out… Read More

When your purpose becomes your passion, you’re able to accomplish immeasurable goals and enjoy the work you do every single day. Our latest Featured Cavalier Kayvonna Stigall exemplifies this through and through. Find out more about this Michigan-based Autism Behavioral Technician in our Q&A below. What inspired you to become an educator? I have had… Read More

Music teachers can bring so much joy to students’ lives, but to effectively teach it, one must be passionate, dedicated, and highly skilled. Enter Andrew Holtz—a 6th-12th grade instrumental and 9th-12th-grade vocal teacher from Saugatuck, Michigan, and the latest alum in our Featured Cavalier series; Andrew earned his MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Leadership from… Read More

As a resource teacher in Iowa, Jessica Wambeke helps elementary school students who have many different needs and learning styles. With a Master of Education in Special Education (now called the MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: The Inclusive Classroom), she is passionate about supporting students in every possible way, creating inclusive learning environments, and learning… Read More

Often on this blog you’ll see Q&As with our alumni—educators we are proud to recognize and fortunate to catch up with. We call them our Featured Cavaliers. If you’re reading this as a prospective student, you may be interested in learning about their experiences with Concordia. And if you’re a fellow Cavalier, we hope you… Read More

Above the Rim Spotlight: Daniel Duitsman

By The Room 241 Team October 31, 2017

From class time to courtside, how one CU grad student keeps his eye on the ball For most grad students, focusing on coursework is more than enough to keep them busy. Yet for Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) student Daniel Duitsman, becoming a teacher is just part of his story. It’s a tale of… Read More