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Featured Cavalier

It’s one thing to believe in a cause, it’s another thing to change your career for it. Darlene Hester-Slade’s passion for special education developed later in life after she had already earned her MBA and had a fifteen-year career as a successful accountant. We sat down with this Virginia-based Exceptional Education Teacher to find out… Read More

When your purpose becomes your passion, you’re able to accomplish immeasurable goals and enjoy the work you do every single day. Our latest Featured Cavalier Kayvonna Stigall exemplifies this through and through. Find out more about this Michigan-based Autism Behavioral Technician in our Q&A below. What inspired you to become an educator? I have had… Read More

Music teachers can bring so much joy to students’ lives, but to effectively teach it, one must be passionate, dedicated, and highly skilled. Enter Andrew Holtz—a 6th-12th grade instrumental and 9th-12th grade vocal teacher from Saugatuck, Michigan, and the latest alum in our Featured Cavalier series; Andrew earned his MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Leadership… Read More

Q&A with Concordia MEd Graduate: Jessica Wambeke ‘15

By Kara Wyman November 28, 2017

As a resource teacher in Iowa, Jessica Wambeke helps elementary school students who have many different needs and learning styles. With a B.S. in education and a master’s in special education, she is passionate about supporting students in every possible way, creating inclusive learning environments, and learning more herself each day. For these reasons and… Read More

Often on this blog you’ll see Q&As with our alumni—educators we are proud to recognize and fortunate to catch up with. We call them our Featured Cavaliers. If you’re reading this as a prospective student, you may be interested in learning about their experiences with Concordia. And if you’re a fellow Cavalier, we hope you… Read More

Q&A with MEd Graduate: Anita Green ’15

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team September 18, 2017

Since Anita Green flew from Louisiana to Oregon for her Concordia University-Portland MEd graduation, her world and her work have continued to expand in meaningful and exciting ways. She has a passion for helping economically disadvantaged students, but doesn’t limit her service to students alone. This summer, Anita traveled to Ghana to help teachers improve… Read More

Q&A with MEd Graduate: Ponjul Zwalda ’14

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team August 23, 2017

For the past twenty-one years, Ponjul Zwalda has impacted the lives of countless students in Nigeria and South Africa. As a math and science educator, he is determined to show students what they are capable of, while continuing to find ways to improve his practice, focus on his students as individuals, and analyze the bigger… Read More

Q&A with MEd Graduate: Denise Dempsey '16

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team July 11, 2017

When you become a Concordia grad student, you’re instantly connected to a 10,000-strong alumni network that is fiercely loyal and highly influential. We recently caught up with an alum, Denise Dempsey, who earned a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in Online Teaching and Learning just last year. She’s currently an Education Consultant… Read More

What It’s Like to Be an Online MEd Student

By Room 241 Team May 30, 2017

You know that having a graduate degree in education will enhance your skills and knowledge and help you make a bigger impact in your classroom and in your career. But you probably have questions about: what it takes to earn a degree from Concordia University-Portland what the time commitment is what it takes on a… Read More

The day started as a typical Portland Saturday morning: overcast, with a light drizzle of rain. By noon, the clouds parted, and April 30, 2016, became a warm, sunny day — perfect Oregon weather to celebrate recent achievements and embrace new possibilities. A perfect time for graduation. In an afternoon ceremony recognizing the academic achievements… Read More

On January 16, 2016, under a beautiful summer sky, educators who want to transform education at underperforming schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa were honored in Johannesburg, South Africa, for the second consecutive year. Eighty-seven students of the 94 who earned their master of education degrees from Concordia University-Portland participated in the ceremony. The educators reside in… Read More

By noon Dec. 12, the sign announcing Concordia University-Portland’ s fall 2015 graduate commencement ceremony had been soaked through. Bone-chilling winds and consistent showers turned the Saturday afternoon into a gloomy and cold affair outside. Inside, however, the warmth and glow radiating from hundreds of master of education graduates and their family members created an… Read More

Tyson Clyburn is passionate about education. The Detroit native works full time as an alumni liaison while he pursues his doctoral degree in Transformational Leadership online from Concordia University-Portland. The lifelong learner makes a point to spend quality time with his family daily, stressing, “school is my passion.” Clyburn is on track to complete his EdD… Read More

Concordia Portland Grads Attend South African Ceremony

By Room 241 Team February 6, 2015

Educators who want to improve education at underperforming schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa were honored in Johannesburg, South Africa, in January 2015. Twenty-two students who earned their master of education degrees from Concordia University-Portland attended the ceremony. Two other students from the first class of MEd graduates were unable to attend. The educators, who reside in… Read More

When Clark Kent takes off his glasses, a sudden wave of energy rushes through him that prepares and enables him to conquer anything that lies ahead — much like what Concordia University-Portland aims for its students. His abrupt superpowers shocked and even surprised him at first. With devotion and persistence, he realized the potential of… Read More