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Rejuvenation Challenge

A teacher practicing self-reflection

Supercharge your Professional Growth Through Self-Reflection

By The Room 241 Team June 7, 2019

Reflection. It’s quite the buzzword in the world of education. Critical reflection is a key component of professional growth. You take note of what dazzled your students and what fell flatter than a pancake. It’s how your lesson plans are made and evolve over time. But do you use this same system of checks and… Read More

7 Ways to Control Your Mind So It Doesn’t Control You

By The Room 241 Team June 5, 2019

Okay. So you’ve given yourself a minute to just be. Amen to that! Now it’s time to start bringing some intention to what’s going on upstairs. Let’s kick today’s challenge off with some old-school inspiration from Buddha. “To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must… Read More

5 Ways to Let It Go When the School Year Ends

By The Room 241 Team June 3, 2019

You made it. Another school year successfully under your belt. Those last few days can be IN. SANE. So before you dive into your summer like gangbusters — whether you’re teaching summer school, waiting tables, or spending the days with your own crazy crew — give yourself permission to carve a slice of time for… Read More