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Live a Balanced Life While Thriving In Your Graduate Program

By Denise Dempsey September 8, 2017

Before embarking on my online MEd in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University-Portland, I spent 15 years working as a health educator, helping individuals find balance and resilience in daily life. My professional knowledge served me well as I ventured into the world of being an online grad student. And after graduation, all that hard work… Read More

5 Tips for Earning an MEd While Still Teaching Full Time

By The Room 241 Team August 7, 2017

Being a teacher is just as rewarding as it can be tiring. Nearly every day of the week, you’re grading papers and lesson planning. You may have kids of your own and advise Key Club. You may exercise every AM, or tutor every PM. Whatever your lifestyle, you don’t want to shuffle it around—but you… Read More

A Day in the Life of a Concordia Online Student

By Alisa Bates, PhD August 3, 2017

Earning your Master of Education degree is one of the smartest and most exciting moves you can do for your teaching career. Here’s an example of what your typical day might look like as a Concordia University-Portland student. As you can see, balancing work, family, and your master’s program is absolutely doable — and in… Read More

10 Twitter Accounts Every Teacher Should Follow

By The Room 241 Team July 12, 2017

Without question, Twitter has become a hotspot for education-related tips, tricks, and talks. Just search any of the hashtags #EdTalks, #EdChat, or even #TeacherProblems and you’re instantly connected to a network of passionate educators sharing their experiences and insights into the education world. From nonprofits to everyday teachers, here are a few accounts we like to follow…. Read More

7 Reactions to ’13 Reasons Why’

By The Room 241 Team June 28, 2017

Earlier this year, Netflix released a new series based on a bestselling 2007 YA novel by Jay Asher—and it’s got people talking, a lot. From start to finish, 13 Reasons Why tells the story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who deals with everything from bullying to assault, and ultimately decides (we learn in episode one)… Read More

The last day of school is always bittersweet: Saying goodbye to students can be tough but usually, teachers are so exhausted when summer comes around that they need some time to recover. As you prepare to close up shop for the summer, consider these five summertime tips for relaxing, recovering and preparing for fall. Before… Read More

For the second year in a row, my daughter launched a full-fledged campaign against standardized testing. About a week before the tests began, she argued they were ineffective and unfair. She echoed the concerns of a variety of students, parents and teachers: It’s a bad measure, it’s stressful, it doesn’t influence grades, it takes too… Read More

Teaching is one of the rare careers where it’s still common to stay in the same profession — possibly even in the same school — for a good portion of your career. For some teachers, this stability is part of the appeal. But for others, there comes a point where the joy is gone and… Read More

Building a strong professional network will make your career more satisfying and help you through rough spots. People you have met in person — those you have taught with or attended school with, for example — will probably form the backbone of your network. But developing strong online networking skills is also crucial. Perhaps you… Read More

Do you ever wish you had a colleague outside your school to share a tough problem with and brainstorm solutions? Who do you turn to when you’re weighing whether to apply to teach a different grade level? And if you lose your job, how many people could you enlist to help you find the next… Read More

Are all the supplies ready for tomorrow’s art project? How should I answer the email from the parent concerned about the friends her daughter is making? When will I prepare my presentation for the math curriculum committee? Will my contract be renewed for next year? And if it isn’t, how will I pay the bills?… Read More

New Year, New Habits: 5 Tips for Great Teaching

By Monica Fuglei December 13, 2016

Exhausted teachers and punchy students: a perfect recipe for winter break. While everyone’s looking forward to a few weeks’ respite from teaching, grading and classroom crowd control, now is a good time to set goals for the new year. Here are five tips for teachers to remember in the new year: Plan a January reboot… Read More

As summer comes to an end, preparing for the school year and welcoming classrooms full of fresh faces is a great time to add a few tools to the teaching toolbox. Establishing new practices at the beginning of the year seems daunting, but it can help set up long-term success in building and maintaining positive… Read More

Benefits of Teaching at a Charter School

By The Room 241 Team October 4, 2012

Teaching in a charter school can be exciting and rewarding for educators who are looking for increased flexibility and growth opportunities in their careers. At the same time, parents are increasingly moving their children to charter schools to take advantage of smaller class sizes and a more focused curriculum that is often hard to find… Read More

Celebrate Self-Improvement Month

By The Room 241 Team September 21, 2011

It’s September and summer break is over and it’s now back to school time. Fitting, isn’t it, that the month when most teachers and students return to the classroom would be designated Self-Improvement Month? Self-Improvement – we’ve all heard the term. “To improve oneself in body, mind and/or spirit.” The self-improvement industry’ generates more than… Read More