This Is Why We Call Our Blog “Room 241”

Here at Concordia University’s College of Education, we believe “design is destiny.” Our physical spaces for learning, working, and playing matter.

That’s the thinking behind Faubion School and our College of Education’s 138,000 square-foot shared space which opened in August 2017 in Portland, Oregon. Inside, young students and future teachers are preparing for bright futures right down the hall from each other. We call this initiative 3 to PhD®. 3 to PhD creates safer, healthier, more educated communities from prenatal care through pursuing one’s highest dreams.

This new education facility not only combines a public preK-8 school (Faubion School) and our private, nonprofit College of Education, but in addition, it provides wrap around health, wellness, food, early childhood care, and other services to close the opportunity gap in this Title I school.

About the actual room

Inside, on the second floor at the top of the red stairs, is Room 241—our 3 to PhD conference room. Room 241 is where the magic takes place between Faubion School staff, College of Education staff, and 3 to PhD’s core partners—Kaiser Permanente, Portland Public Schools, Trillium Family Services, basics (formerly Pacific Foods of Oregon)—all collaborating on ideas and initiatives that will best serve children. It’s where, for example, a second grade classroom teacher and a professor of elementary education co-design new, innovative curriculum together. Where, if a Faubion School reading specialist shares a concern that a child is not reading at grade level, then a Concordia University faculty member connects them with a one-on-one reading tutor in the university’s education program.

Room 241 is a steady heartbeat of teamwork, collaboration, creative thinking, brainstorming, sharing, and innovation.

Room 241 ensures that the heartbeat of the community (the school) stays healthy and strong, supporting kids, families, teachers, future teachers, and community members.

About our blog

As a place that invites people from within and outside of Concordia’s community to share their ideas, advice, insights, news, and more—all tied to education—it felt fitting to name our blog after the conference room. This is a virtual space with real ideas, real educators, real admissions counselors, coming together to help and inspire each other.

You’ll find everything from how to arrange your classroom for maximum creativity to how to transform the leadership office from a complaint department to solution zone. You’ll find articles that warm your heart, and others that hopefully make you laugh. You’ll explore topics like inclusive education, STEAM, trauma and resilience, and early childhood education. You’ll learn what sets Concordia’s MEd and EdD programs apart, should you ever consider continuing your own education.

And most importantly, you’ll find a community of passionate people who believe education can change lives—and that the health and safety of our students is just as important as education.

So, welcome to Room 241. Lean in, poke around, and enjoy. Thank you for joining us!