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"The Biggest Lesson a Teacher Ever Taught Me…"

By The Room 241 Team September 22, 2017

Among the many reasons why all of us on Concordia’s enrollment team do what we do, there’s this: we respect teachers. We know that the countless lessons they impart throughout their careers don’t fade over time, but instead can grow stronger and more meaningful as life goes on.

Of course, as the days fly by, it’s easy to forget those simple, yet big lessons. So while you’re preparing the next lesson plan, finding ways to reach each individual studentkeep in mind the educators you had when you were younger. What would they say about your desire to keep learning? What would they teach you about work/life balance?

Just for fun, a few of us shared the biggest lessons our favorite teachers taught us back when we were in school.

The Acceptance of Mistakes

“I was always an overachiever in school, and I was constantly fearful that I would make mistakes. The biggest lesson I ever learned from a teacher is that it is okay to make mistakes. At the time, I was the associate editor of our high school newspaper. Molly Ramsey, the principal’s wife and a very talented English and music teacher, was our faculty sponsor. We were always in a rush to prepare the mock-ups of the paper to go to the printer. One of my tasks was writing headlines for last-minute stories. Our marching band had appeared in a parade the weekend before the paper came out, and I wrote the headline for the story, Marching Bad in Festival Parade. I didn’t realize that I had left the ‘n’ out of ‘band’ until the paper was printed. It was too late to make changes. As students read the paper and the headline below the picture of our marching band, they began joking with band members about their BAD marching. The band director was furious, and I wanted to bury my head in the sand. Then Mrs. Ramsey asked me to stop by her house on the way home from school. All I could think was that I loved working on the newspaper, and I did not want to give it up.

But she sat me down at her kitchen table and said, ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, but it is the lessons we learn from our mistakes that make us who we become. I think you want to be a professional journalist someday, so what did you learn?’

‘I learned I need to proofread one more time before I put the paper to bed,’ I mumbled. ‘Great!’ she said. ‘Now, let’s begin thinking about what we want to write about in next month’s paper.’ — Gail Dudley, Concordia Enrollment Specialist 

The Value of Patience

“The biggest lesson my favorite teacher taught me is to be patient, continue to press on, and learn from all of life’s adventures. I always think about this, especially when it feels like a particular goal is taking forever to reach or it’s so difficult to stay focused. By pressing on I always come out stronger and wiser than before. It may be hard, but I learn from it and I feel great when the goal is finally accomplished. It’s important for me to pass this lesson on, too, and continue to be an example in this area for my son.” — Robinelle Nunez, Concordia Enrollment Specialist 

The Joy of Reading

“Like so many active, rowdy little boys, I did not have an appreciation of reading when I was younger—but in Mrs. Rodriguez’s fifth grade class, I discovered the joy of reading and how the characters and stories can come to life. After lunch recess each day, she would take the time to read out loud to the class, and as I listened to those stories and heard her voice, I began to realize how reading could be fun and exciting; she truly ignited my interest in reading.

My experience in Mrs. Rodriquez’s fifth grade class directly influenced my educational direction as I later became an elementary school teacher myself and pursued my master’s degree with an emphasis in reading. I also made reading after lunch recess a time to help my students discover the joy and the excitement of reading. Suffice it to say, her influence on me has impacted hundreds of other children and how they view reading.” Jason Beach, Concordia Enrollment Specialist 

From all of us at Concordia, thank you.

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