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Featured Cavalier Updated April 21, 2014

97 Reasons Teachers Choose Concordia Portland’s Online Education Programs

By Room 241 Team April 21, 2014

Flexibility and convenience, the chance to achieve a dream, immediate classroom application, the staff, and the cohort and classmates. That’s what our students most value about their Concordia University-Portland experience.

Why do teachers choose Concordia University-Portland?

Our students drive our success, and we always look for ways to give back. We held a contest on our Facebook page and asked students and graduates to complete this prompt, “The best part about earning my degree online at Concordia University-Portland is _____.”

Why Teachers Choose Concordia

Here are the winning entries, selected at random:

Jamie Moler: “The best part about earning my degree online at Concordia University-Portland is that I can do it at my convenience. As a busy mother of six (yes, I said 6!) kids, I need flexibility. Now, in addition to a Master’s Degree in Education, I am teaching my children how to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

Myranda Kroll: “It allowed me to reach a goal I promised myself I would reach when I survived having leukemia and to be able to reach diverse learners in my classroom.

Cherrie Racine: “The best part about earning my degree online at Concordia University-Portland is the amazing experience between faculty and students! I have taken many university courses and Concordia has been without a doubt the BEST experience! I have been able to work full time and still spend time with my family! I have searched a LONG time to find a school like Concordia! It was DEFINITELY worth the wait!!! Thank you Concordia!!

Kaitlin Gervais Scutari: “The best part about earning my degree online at Concordia University-Portland is speaking with other students in discussions and seeing their point of view and opinions!

Many other students identified similar benefits.

Flexibility and convenience

Many students mentioned doing coursework in their pajamas and juggling classes with family responsibilities.

One student said, “The best part is being able to spend time with my family while being in school. Being able to take a break to change a diaper is priceless.” Another liked “that I can do it in my pajamas. I’ve always wanted to go back to school and finish my master’s degree, but never had the time. By taking classes online, I could post responses anytime, even from the comfort of my bedroom, wearing my pj’s and watching the news.”

Other students applauded the ability to earn a degree anywhere. As one student said, “I can be living on a remote island in Alaska learning with an amazing group of professionals and being able to apply what I learn the very next day with my middle school students!” And another said, “Being able to do my work on my schedule. I’m a busy working mom and I commute 25 miles each way to the school I teach at in Washington, D.C. Being able to log in to Blackboard and complete my work on my own schedule was very important to me. I also love that I got my MEd finished in a year!

Achieving a dream

Other students credited their Concordia Portland experience with helping them reach a goal or overcome a personal situation. One student credited the program with “making my dreams my reality. I am recovering from spine surgery, and this has helped me stay focused and positive. I have found some of the most interesting and kindest friends, and the professional support feedback and integrity of the professors has been terrific.”

Others fulfilled a promise made to a family member or to themselves. One student said, “The best part about earning my degree online at Concordia University-Portland is/was ___.”… Showing my children that you can succeed no matter how old you are!”

Another said, “I am able to follow God’s leading to reach a long-held dream and fulfill a promise I made to my mom before she passed on 12/18/13.”

And another student acknowledged “achieving a goal I thought would not be possible at my age while working full time and taking care of my aging parents. Being able to log on when I have time instead of having to be in a classroom has been wonderful.”

Immediate classroom application

Students touted their ability to apply the lessons they were learning to their classrooms – and lives – in real time.

Several students indicated “that the content is relevant to what I am currently doing in the classroom. I am able to take the information learned and immediately enhance the education of my students.” Another student echoed that idea, saying, “That I can better myself as an individual, share everything that I learn with my sweet students and inspire them that despite the many challenges they face, they too can go to college and make a difference in the world that we all live in.”

Other students mentioned benefits to their career and their love of learning. “The best part about earning my degree online at Concordia University-Portland is that I have been able to learn so much in my courses, so that I can give my students an even better education with staying up-to-date and continuing to be a lifelong learner,” one student said.

Another stated, “The best part about earning my degree online at Concordia Portland is that I am making myself more marketable and expanding my career options. As a classroom teacher, I am always encouraging my students to make good choices, and I know I’ve taken my own advice by choosing Concordia University’s online masters degree program.”

And another said, “The best part is that I can work towards my dream of working with special needs kids while still working full time changing the lives of the students I work with everyday and allowing myself to grow and be inspired by them everyday.”

Concordia Portland’s faculty and staff

Students credited professors with “helping me become a better me!” One student said, “I am a better teacher and my passion for literacy has been reignited.”

Another indicated that “skepticism about the rigor and participation of online education has been dispelled by the engagement the professors have encouraged, the rigor of the texts chosen, and the depth that the assignment and discussions have asked of me.”

Full-time teachers appreciated the “support I get from online advisors and professors and the flexibility of attending class when it is convenient for me.”

Cohort and classmates

For some students, the cohort was the best part. One student lauded “the opportunity I have to collaborate with colleagues from across the country with a similar passion for education.” Another was psyched about “the chance to meet and interact with a diverse group of people that I never would have met before. I have a new 23 year old friend and a new 57 year old friend!”

Interested in what Concordia can do for you? Request more information using the simple form on this page; or you can visit our Scholarships & Grants page to learn more about how we help educate teachers.

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