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A principal visiting a school classroom

The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission recently approved a fully redesigned system of preparing and licensing school and district administrators in the state of Oregon at the Commission meeting on February 7, 2019, in Salem. To learn more about this new system, we checked in with our Chair of Administrator Licensure Programs, Gerald W. Gabbard,… Read More

Education Conferences in 2019 That You Should Consider Attending

By The Room 241 Team September 20, 2018

There are a ton of education conference options each year and most of them aren’t cheap. Ticket prices, travel costs, and taking time away from work all make choosing the absolute best conference a must — because, despite the logistics, conferences can be so useful (even life-changing) for educators. Here’s a list of upcoming education-focused… Read More

New statistics, surveys, and viewpoints in the world of education popped up throughout the month of March 2018 on topics ranging from student bullying to STEM to education for prisoners. Here’s our monthly roundup of articles you may have missed, that you’ll definitely find interesting. How P-16 education can increase women in STEM fields (Education… Read More

Crisis Point: The State of Literacy in America

By The Room 241 Team March 5, 2018

The United States is facing a literacy crisis. Yes, crisis. It isn’t new, but its impacts upon our kids, our economy, and our society are far-reaching and expanding. How bad is it? Take a look at some numbers. More than 30 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do basic math above a… Read More

In our monthly roundup of education news, we typically pull a variety of big stories that we think you’ll be interested in. This month, we’re zeroing in on just one topic: Parkland. Obviously you know that February 14 was a horrifically tragic day in Florida, when a gunman killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas… Read More

January 2018 Monthly Roundup for Educators

By The Room 241 Team January 31, 2018

From school funding reports to new state laws affecting education, a lot happened in education during January. Don’t worry if you haven’t been keeping up—we did it for you. We know you’re busy between work and personal obligations, so we rounded up a few education headlines from the last month and listed them below. Whether it’s… Read More

No Name-Calling Week: Celebrate With One Word Gifts

By Kriscia Cabral January 15, 2018

I tell my students that if they end the school year taking only one nugget that they’ve learned from me, I’d like it to be the gift of being kind. In every person’s life, there are always ways to show kindness to others. I demonstrate this in my classroom in a variety of ways: shout-outs… Read More

December 2017 Monthly Roundup For Educators

By The Room 241 Team December 31, 2017

Between end-of-the-semester grading and preparing for holiday break, saying you’re busy is an understatement. Need a refresher on what happened in the news this month? Here are a few noteworthy articles published during December. Whether it’s during your free period, your morning coffee, or between wrapping presents, take a look at these headlines. How Effective… Read More

Top Five Takeaways: Trauma-Informed Transformations in Education

By Madeline Turnock December 4, 2017

Schools and classrooms are the heartbeat of our communities — at the intersection of learning and of life’s challenges. These challenges and high levels of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are a daily reality; and how schools and educators adapt and respond with a trauma-informed approach is critical to learning outcomes. To acknowledge and address these… Read More

November 2017 Monthly Roundup For Educators

By The Room 241 Team November 30, 2017

It’s arguably one of the busiest times of the year—you’re preparing your students for holiday break, which means tests, grading, projects, and more grading. How do you keep up with the news? We’re here to help. Here are a few noteworthy articles published during November. Whether it’s during your free period, your morning coffee, or before… Read More

With dedicated teachers, administrators, and other school staff, public schools are there every day for every student, preparing tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why, during November, we celebrate public schools during American Education Week. Take part in this national event with a few celebration ideas below, and share online using the hashtag #PublicSchoolsForAll and #AEW2017. Monday, Nov…. Read More

October 2017 Monthly Round-Up for Educators

By The Room 241 Team October 31, 2017

It’s hard to keep up with the latest headlines, insights, and ideas when you already have a lot going on—especially in the height of fall, when teachers are in the thick of the school year. So we compiled a list of a few recent stories that we think educators should read. Whether it’s your free… Read More

September 2017 Monthly Round-Up for Educators

By The Room 241 Team September 30, 2017

From a quick nod to Banned Books Week to a deep dive on the expansion of A.P. tests, below you’ll find an array of articles published this past month regarding education for you to skim during your free period. DeVos urges superintendents to give principals more control over schools (Education Dive) At this year’s Principal… Read More

August 2017 Monthly Round-Up For Educators

By The Room 241 Team August 31, 2017

It’s the end of the month, which can only mean one thing—your monthly article round-up! With another new school year upon us, we figure you’re probably a bit preoccupied getting things in order. So we compiled some of the most interesting stories and classroom advice from around the news circuit this August. Take a look…. Read More

July 2017 Monthly Round-Up For Educators

By The Room 241 Team July 31, 2017

There’s a lot happening in education right now. (Isn’t there always?) It can be hard to keep up with the latest news, insights, and ideas when you have a lot going on too. So, we compiled a list of a few recent stories we think educators might want to hear about. Even though school’s out,… Read More