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8 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Master Teacher

By The Room 241 Team November 6, 2012

Students cannot be successful without a skilled teacher and if an educator is interested in becoming a master teacher, there are many things to consider. Some of the most important considerations before becoming a master teacher.

1. Consider the reasons why you became a teacher.

Master teachers must be enthusiastic about the subjects they teach. Most people can name at least one teacher who positively affected them because of this enthusiasm. Some teachers have even altered the course of their students’ lives. Educators who wish to become master teachers should think about what motivated them to choose an education career in the first place and continue to focus on that motivation as they move forward.

2. Be attentive and design strong curriculum.

A strong curriculum is essential in any classroom. Unfortunately, some teachers are deceived by what is popular or appealing to students.

To avoid falling into this category, a master teacher must:

  • Have his curriculum outline the most important ideas in a unit.
  • Re-tailor his or her  lessons to suit student needs if necessary.
  • Determine if he has any gaps in his instructional practices and change his methods accordingly.

3. Always improve your craft.

Master teachers are continuously evaluating their skills and looking for ways to improve. While many teachers begin their career with fervor, this enthusiasm can decline with time. Teaching can become a repetitious cycle, instead of a growing profession. To improve their craft, teachers may find it helpful to attend professional retreats that help them enhance their skills.

4. Be a positive role model for your students.

There are numerous schools of discipline in existence. Teachers can achieve harmony in the classroom through effective discipline. However, the main focus of managing students lies in the ability of the teacher to practice and then instill moral behavior in his students.

5. Be more than a 9-5 teacher.

Master teachers go beyond what their job description requires. While other teachers may work with a single group of students and do only what they must, a master teacher works toward the improvement of the entire school. The master teacher may influence students through extracurricular activities, or he may share teaching strategies with his colleagues.

6. Work with your students to develop their love of learning.

Students sometimes need a teacher’s help to find their passion for knowledge.

Teachers can develop students’ love of learning by:

  • Building on students’ hobbies and interests.
  • Showing enthusiasm for subject matter. A teacher’s passion is often infectious.

7. Focus on learning goals.

Understanding the difference between learning goals and performance goals is essential for the master teacher. While some teachers may encourage their students to perform at a certain level (i.e. receive a passing grade), master teachers are more concerned about the knowledge his students take away from the course. There are students who have the ability to meet all of a course’s objectives without actually learning the material. For this reason, a master teacher must learn to recognize the difference between learning and performance, and he must help students retain the information from his course.

8. Build connections with students.

Another important characteristic of a master teacher is the ability to build connections with students being taught now, students from past years and students he may teach in the future. By making connections with upcoming students, a teacher can help increase their enthusiasm about the subject before they even enter the classroom.

Becoming a master teacher is no easy task. However, with the right about of dedication and effort, it is possible. By continuously improving their skills, remaining passionate about their subject matter and focusing on the good of the school and its students, teachers can achieve all of their professional goals.

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