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You Know You Are a Teacher When…

By Pamela Moreland June 3, 2013

Four years of college, probably more if you have a master’s degree.  You’ve successfully passed all mandatory tests and secured a teaching license. You impressed principals in those daunting job interviews and got that first job.

You would think with all of those achievements — and so many more — would validate anyone’s belief that they were a teacher.

You would think that, but according to some of the members of our Facebook community, you would be wrong.

According to these members of Concordia Portland’s Educator’s Community, you know you are a teacher when….

You’re in school and …

“You keep the morning meeting going, with your arm around a sobbing child while holding a wastebasket in your hand so you can move it quickly when she throws up.” — Barb Perry McWethy

“Half of your paycheck goes toward classroom supplies!” — Leeann Reneé McMichael

You’re in the community and …

“You tell random kids in the supermarket to stop running in the halls and to tie their shoes before they fall!” — Lisa Deprey

“You raise your hand for permission to speak at adult functions.” — Kim Reiling Ross

“Even your sister calls you ‘Mrs. McMichael.’ ’’ — Emma Brooks

“When even at home, you have school work to do.” — Loyaca Zavala

“No matter where in the world you go, you are bound to hear someone call out, “Hey, Mrs. — !” — Beverly Brown Leopard

You have an ‘aha’ moment and …

“You would rather receive a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils over roses!” — Kristine Woodford

“You make others realize why they are alive.’’ — Drake Brown Sapa

“You find yourself saying “GOOD JOB!” to your spouse for doing the dishes.” — Kelley Southern Penic

“You make every moment in life a teachable moment.” — Brenda Dubs Paulsel

“Even if you end up out of the classroom for some time, you yearn to be back or to be somewhere where you can TEACH someone to do something!  After three years out of the classroom due to school closures and budget cuts, God is opening the door once more for me for the next school year and I AM EXCITED!” — Liza Guasp-Davila

When did you realize that you “were a teacher”? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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