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You Know You’re a High School Teacher When…

By The Room 241 Team September 5, 2018

There’s nothing quite like teaching teens, especially those in high school. While we know that no two students are alike, there are definitely relatable moments across the board. Here are some signs that you are clearly a high school teacher.

The phrase that you say most in life is “Put your phones away.”

You believe memes to be perfectly acceptable teaching resources.

You gossip excitedly in the lounge about who asked whom to the dance.


You understand the phrase, “Can I borrow some hanitizer?”

You know — and may even use — phrases like “That’s fire” and “It’s lit.”

fist bump hilary swank

You know the olfactory struggle of teaching a room full of pubescent teens who just had PE.

teaching teens meme

Some of your students have more facial hair (or look older) than you do.

anchorman quote beard

Your social media accounts are all under aliases because your students have CIA-level stalking skills.

bradley cooper teachers friday


Your Friday night plans include Netflix and maybe staying up as late as 9pm. Maybe.

edward norton netflix

You feel ancient on a regular basis.

yara shahidi internet meme

Your students’ jokes are actually funny and it’s hard to keep a straight face.


You have absolutely mastered the “I’ll wait” face.

Even if they’re six-foot-one, you refer to your students as “your kids.”

elf tall student meme

You cry like a baby as you watch your students cross the stage and get their diplomas.

model crying



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