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Empower Yourself With a Yes Date

By Ashley Previte October 14, 2019

How many times a day do you think — or even say — these things?

  • I can’t do that; I have too much work to do.
  • I don’t have time to go there right now. 
  • I should be doing something more productive. 
  • No, I can’t — I hadn’t planned on it.  

If you’re like the rest of the free world, chances are you’re saying no to things constantly. 

We prioritize responsibilities and cut out the wonder of randomness. We attempt to keep order in our life’s chaos by saying no to the unexpected. We mistake our time for adventure as optional — we’ll try that later when we have some free time (suuuure we will).

No is our comfort zone. No feels safe and effortless. No is convenient.

But here’s the thing: The most amazing things that have ever happened in the history of the world started with a yes.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the confines of our lives and completely relinquish our basic freedom to say yes. But it’s really important to keep our negatives in check. A great way to do that?

Commit to a once-monthly yes date. 

A yes date is about letting go of the worries of should I, or can I, and just going for it. Getting rid of the debate of right and wrong and giving yourself the permission to say yes to any opportunity. Exploring who you are and what you can do, and gaining new perspectives on your decisions.

The main rule? Just don’t say no.

A yes date can be as simple as walking through the city and stopping when something catches your eye. Or as adventurous as making a pact with yourself to say yes to the next opportunity that presents itself — no matter what. This is about being open to the new. And welcoming experiences that you might normally shut down. Notice the advertisements on the bulletin board. Take flyers on the street. Burst through the doors to those places you’ve never been.

Say yes to new interests. New Perspectives. Imagination. Self-confidence. Creativity. Indulgence. Anything and everything that screams adventure or self-nurturing or fun!

Here are some ideas to get your affirmative juices flowing! 

Don’t just window shop — go in. 

  • Smell the bakery’s goodies — then go in and eat one. Or two. Or three. 
  • Get your fortune read. 
  • Enjoy a foot massage.
  • Sing karaoke. 
  • Buy the shoes. 

Break your own rules. 

  • Have ice cream for dinner. 
  • Stay up all night doing something you love.
  • Talk to strangers!
  • Get messy! Fingerpaint or walk barefoot in the mud. 

Be daring. 

  • Get that tattoo you’ve been designing. 
  • Go bungee jumping or skydiving. 
  • Check out whitewater rafting.
  • Do an open mic night. 
  • Try ax-throwing. 

Yes, you can plan your yesses. 

A yes day is about spontaneity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan out some of your adventure ahead of time.

Ask yourself some questions: 

  • What food haven’t you had in ages? Cotton candy. Ice cream sundae. Philly cheesesteak. 
  • Where is somewhere you’ve wanted to explore? The bonsai tree shop. The SPCA. The forest. That red pin on google maps.
  • Who is someone you haven’t talked to in ages? Your Facebook feed is full of old friends. Catch up.
  • What do you want to experience? Choose a random place on a map and go there! Drive to the nearest seashore and collect some sand in a bottle. Fly a kite. 
  • What is something you fear doing? Go to dinner by yourself. Ride a rollercoaster. Zipline. 

Set some limits.

A yes date is about freedom. But that doesn’t mean you should put yourself in the poor house or risk anyone’s safety. You might want to skip the sportscar buying and knife swallowing.

  • Set a spending limit. There’s no reason to empty your bank account. 
  • Don’t do anything illegal or possibly dangerous to yourself or others. 
  • Set a limit on driving distances.
  • Choose a time to go home. 

A yes date is about refueling. It’s not selfish — it’s about giving to you so you can give more to others. Pursue some interests that are new or revisit some of the old. There’s no harm in indulging a whim once and a while. Let the adventure guide you. And say yes to you!

Ashley is an award-winning copywriter and content expert with more than a decade of proven results for national and local clients. From brainstorming high-end conceptual content to styling sentences that engage and convert, she’s got a knack for shattering the status quo. When she’s not in full-on writing mode, she’s hanging out with her rascal of a puppy and discussing the plausibility of unicorns with her 8-year-old daughter.

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