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How the College of Education Is Helping to Improve Math Instruction for Local K-2nd Graders

By Jo Sigmund September 4, 2019

As a part of 3toPhD®, Concordia’s College of Education has had the privilege to partner with Faubion School’s kindergarten through second-grade teachers to focus on improving math instruction for all students.  This is a year-long, grant-funded project sponsored by the Pacific General Electric (PGE) Foundation, in which members of the College of Education faculty and Concordia student-teacher candidates will be working directly with Faubion teachers and students in a variety of ways to support student learning.

In August we kicked off the project with a two-day, intensive professional development workshop: The Summer Math Institute.  Over the course of the two days, Concordia faculty and Faubion teachers worked collaboratively to determine practices that have been successful, as well as to identify where challenges have been seen.  Once these were outlined, a plan of action was developed, including choosing specific curricula and supporting resources, and scheduling opportunities for Concordia faculty and student-teacher candidates to work directly with the teachers and students throughout the year.  Finally, with support funds from 3toPhD, we were able to purchase the chosen curriculum, in order to start the year off right. 

As the year progresses, the team will be meeting on a regular basis to review progress, and to identify and support any new challenges that may occur.  We are looking forward to continuing this exciting collaboration throughout the 2019-2020 school year! 

Jo Sigmund is an associate professor of elementary math at Concordia University-Portland.

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