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For Teachers Updated November 20, 2017

Where to Find Free, Downloadable 10th Grade Math Lesson Plans

By The Room 241 Team February 11, 2013

This post has been updated for accuracy and relevance as of November 2017.

As a 10th grade math teacher, one of your many responsibilities is to implement lesson plans that 1) are relevant for your individual courses, and 2) address all the core information necessary to meet state requirements. How about some help?

At Concordia, we’re big believers in public scholarship: the more educators can share with other educators, the better—hence, our love for the Internet. A quick Google search can turn up hundreds of free downloadable lesson plans; you just have to be discerning in which ones are reputable and right for you.

Start with this list below, a variety of resources to explore for 10th grade (and other levels) math lesson plans that are engaging, effective, and free.

Free math lesson plan resources

  • A to Z Teacher Stuff: This site has six high school-level lesson plans for mathematics, including plans for Order of Operations, Solving for X, and Using Equations to Solve Puzzles.
  • Math Forum: Here, you’ll find 40 high school-level math lesson plans, including 3-D Drawing and Geometry, Euclid’s Geometry: History and Practice, and Untangling the Mathematics of Knots.
  • PBS: This site features four different films with lesson plans for 9th and 10th grade students. Only one is strictly mathematics-based, but the others—which blend math with subjects like history and economics—offer a great way to shake things up a bit.
  • IRS: In its Understanding Taxes series, the Internal Revenue Service provides teachers with the opportunity to explain the taxation to high school students using detail lesson plans, interactive activities, and simulations.
  • Share My Lesson: Created by teachers to allow other teachers to share their favorite lesson plans, this user-generated platform houses a high school section with at least 40 lesson plans, including Trigonometric Functions and Circle Theorems.
  • Discovery Education: Discovery Education, which works to develop sustainable solutions that transform classrooms and empower teachers, features seven different lesson plans for high school-level mathematics. Among the lessons are Concepts in Number Theory, Concepts in Geometry and Rational Number Concepts.

Of course, these are just a handful of great websites that don’t require you to pay for assistance. Do you have any other sites bookmarked that other mathematics teachers may find helpful? Share them on our Facebook page!

And if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of enriching your instruction through an MEd, we invite you to learn more about Concordia’s MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Mathematics program. With a fully online curriculum that accounts for teachers’ nonstop busy days, our program can be completed in just one year and is taught by an incredibly accomplished faculty of practitioners. Want to see the numbers? Click below.

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