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Gift Your Friend a Grant Toward Their MEd or EdD

By The Concordia University-Portland Enrollment Team June 27, 2017

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re already part of our #TenThousandStrong network here at Concordia University-Portland. Perhaps you’re a current student or an alum—either way, we hope you know how thankful we are that that you chose to continue your studies with us. As a token of that appreciation, we have a really cool opportunity for you to keep this cycle of education going forward. Check out the details.

Gift Your Friend a Grant Toward Their MEd or EdD

The opportunity: Friends and family of Concordia students and alumni can receive a 20% grant to cover part of their tuition for any of our online Master of Education or Doctorate of Education programs.

We’re also currently offering complimentary required textbooks for those who apply by July 3 for our July 17 cohort start date. Terms and conditions apply of course, but as you well know, our enrollment team can walk them through the details!

The reason behind it: In addition to this being one way to say thanks, we just really want to extend our reach to any educator who you deem a perfect match for what Concordia stands for, what we believe in, and what we offer. You joined our community for a reason, and we have no doubt you’re doing amazing things with your new skills. If you know another teacher you truly admire, we’d love to help them further their education, too.

So the question is: Do you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about our degrees? Send us their name. We promise: when we reach out, we’ll provide them with the same personalized service and respect you received when you started your journey with Concordia. Friends of yours are friends of ours. (We had to say it…ya know?)

Let’s keep the movement going! Thanks again, all.

Friends and Family Grant