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How to Make The Best Use of Your Enrollment Specialist

By The Room 241 Team August 4, 2017

When you request more details about Concordia University-Portland’s online MEd or EdD programs, you’ll quickly hear from one of our incredibly skilled enrollment specialists — E.S., for short. Perhaps you’ve already heard from your assigned admissions guru, but haven’t had a reason to call them back. Or maybe it’s been a while since your undergrad years, and you want to know what you can ask an E.S. these days (or what an E.S. even does).

That’s what we’re here to share nine things our E.S. team can do for you.

1. Discuss which program is up your alley.

We offer four MEd programs (one with 16 concentrations) and five EdD concentrations. Unsure about which one is right for you? Think of your E.S. as a career coach. Talk about your current role, what you love to do, what your aspirations are. While it’s ultimately your responsibility to choose the best option, your E.S. can certainly hash it out with you.

2. Provide information on funding choices.

Our enrollment team completely understands how important affordability is when you’re comparing graduate programs. Your E.S. can provide information about grants, loans, scholarships, or payment plans. Pro tip: ask if there are any current promotions going on, like free textbooks.

3. Answer questions about the application.

Are you unsure what your intended program requires? Do you have questions about the Statement of Intent? Call or text your E.S. They can help clarify what each part of the application means. They can also fill you in on other options you may not know about, like conditional admission.

4. Elaborate on Concordia’s differentiators.

A Google search for your degree program no doubt brings up a number of options with all sorts of pride points. Which one should you pick? Whom should you trust? Trust our E.S. team. The reason is this: we don’t want to enroll someone who isn’t a right fit for the program. Concordia wants to recruit students who will succeed, and you want to enroll in a program you’ll be successful in. Honesty is the best way to make that perfect match, so ask your E.S. what sets us apart.

5. Talk about time.

Next to affordability, time is a huge concern for graduate students. Because of that, your E.S. has information on how long you can expect to dedicate to your coursework each week, tips on how to make the program work for your busy schedule, and details on how the pacing of our courses work.

6. Get you acclimated to the online classroom.

Online learning is a very different experience than in-person learning. Your E.S. can share with you the benefits and freedoms that come with a virtual format, but also show you what exactly Blackboard, the platform we use, looks like. If you have any hesitations, seeing how easy it is to navigate will clear them right up.

7. Connect with you via phone, text, chat, or email.

If your inbox is so flooded that you’d rather get a call or text, that’s totally fine with us. Let your E.S. know what method of communication you prefer, so you don’t miss any news about our promotions, details, and more.

8. Let you know what’s next.

Applied? Got in? Ready to order textbooks? Whatever stage you’re at, your E.S. can give you next steps, or remind you of what you still have left to do to complete your application.

9. Support you through the process.

A great day in our E.S. office is when we hear from a happy MEd or EdD graduate, sharing how they’re using their degree out in the world. That’s the part we love most: supporting prospective students, current students, and graduates. Encouraging you, motivating you, and reminding you that with determination, heart, and careful planning, you can so do this.

Does all this make you want to talk to an enrollment specialist RIGHT NOW? Good news. We’re standing by.

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Request FREE Info About Our 100% Online MEd and EdD Programs


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