Just For Fun

Create a Sampler Platter and We’ll Suggest a Classroom Activity for Your Class

By The Room 241 TeamJanuary 22, 2020

Implementing fun and functional activities into your curriculum can be as satisfying as ordering a scrumptious sampler platter. You have a lot of options to fill your plate, but which ones will appeal to you and your students? Take our quiz to find an activity perfect for your (curriculum) cravings!


Channeling Your Inner Palm Tree: Learning How to Bend, Not Break

By Ashley PreviteJanuary 21, 2020

When demands at work and home have you feeling like you’re about to crack, stop, breathe, and take a cue from nature. Channel your inner palm tree. Here’s the thing about palm trees: Even in the fiercest of storms, a palm tree will stay rooted in the ground. Devastating winds will destroy everything in their… Read More

Teaching Careers

Substitute Teacher: Education, Salary, and Outlook

By The Room 241 TeamJanuary 20, 2020

A substitute teacher’s role is vital to the smooth operation of a school. Substitutes step in, sometimes on very short notice, for teachers who can’t be in the classroom for anything between a single day to several weeks. Substitute teachers have many of the same qualifications as full-time teaching staff, though it’s also a common… Read More


Have You Ever Said, “Thank God It’s Monday?”

By Ashley PreviteJanuary 20, 2020

Monday mornings often loom over us like a dark cloud of doom. In fact, they’re so ominous that we start our anxiety about them on Sundays. But are Mondays really that bad? Absolutely not! Finding reasons to love your Mondays can help you bounce out of bed ready to start your workweek. It’s all about… Read More

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For Administrators

What Teachers Wish School Leaders Knew

By Jennifer GunnAugust 15, 2019

At times, there can be a disconnect between school leadership and classroom teachers. That disconnect can sometimes feel like a chasm, widening each year, and make it difficult for teachers and leaders to connect, move the work forward, or even get along. Here are some insights from educators on what teachers wish leaders understood.  Remember… Read More


10 Easy Stress-Relief Yoga Poses to Prevent Teacher Burnout

By The Room 241 TeamJune 21, 2018

Teaching is a tough profession. Heavy workloads, challenging students, and lack of support are just some of the issues today’s teachers have to handle. Many educators choose their career because they feel it’s their calling, but that makes them more susceptible to compassion fatigue and burnout. A recent study finds that higher rates of burnout… Read More

For Teachers

Teaching Math and Physics Using Skateboard Design

By The Room 241 TeamOctober 21, 2019

If you really want to understand what a skateboard is, you could say it’s just a plank of wood with some roller skate wheels attached to it via a chunk of metal. Of course, that’s a major simplification of what is essentially a highly engineered means of transport. The simple design of a skateboard might… Read More