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Rejuvenation Challenge A teacher practicing self-reflection

Supercharge your Professional Growth Through Self-Reflection

By The Room 241 TeamJune 7, 2019

Reflection. It’s quite the buzzword in the world of education. Critical reflection is a key component of professional growth. You take note of what dazzled your students and what fell flatter than a pancake. It’s how your lesson plans are made and evolve over time. But do you use this same system of checks and… Read More

Rejuvenation Challenge An educator working on controlling her thoughts

7 Ways to Control Your Mind So It Doesn’t Control You

By The Room 241 TeamJune 5, 2019

Okay. So you’ve given yourself a minute to just be. Amen to that! Now it’s time to start bringing some intention to what’s going on upstairs. Let’s kick today’s challenge off with some old-school inspiration from Buddha. “To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must… Read More

Rejuvenation Challenge A teacher taking a nap in a hammock

5 Ways to Let It Go When the School Year Ends

By The Room 241 TeamJune 3, 2019

You made it. Another school year successfully under your belt. Those last few days can be IN. SANE. So before you dive into your summer like gangbusters — whether you’re teaching summer school, waiting tables, or spending the days with your own crazy crew — give yourself permission to carve a slice of time for… Read More

Just For Fun A teacher enjoying summer break

The Realities of Teacher Summer Break as Told Through GIFs

By The Room 241 TeamMay 30, 2019

That June Feeling Going calendar-less and getting blissfully lost in time. Turning off the alarm, but still waking up early every day. Actually having time to eat a real breakfast instead of a Pop Tart in your car. Doing a lot of planning for next year in between trips to the beach. School supplies go… Read More

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Program Insights

How My EdD Dissertation Has Benefited My Career

By The Room 241 TeamNovember 17, 2018

Interested in earning your EdD but not sure how it will benefit your career? Excited to advance your practice but feeling uneasy about the dissertation? What better way to find out more than by asking those with first-hand experience? Concordia University-Portland’s doctoral program prepares current and emerging leaders to become transformational change agents, impacting PreK-12… Read More

Leadership Insights

The Impact of a Thoughtfully Designed Learning Space

By Kara Wyman, MEdDecember 18, 2018

A school’s design can greatly impact students’ ability to learn. The layout alone can either make it confusing for students and their families or it can create a welcoming environment where staff, students, and resources are connected and accessible. The design can promote an inclusive school culture, hands-on learning, and community engagement. Many schools today… Read More

For Teachers

How to Break the Cycle of Student Misbehavior

By Kathryn Picano Morton, EdS, NCSPDecember 5, 2018

Getting a child to behave when expected can be quite a challenging task. When a student engages in misbehavior, that child is often attempting to get a response from the adult. Reacting to challenging behaviors negatively – yelling, using corporal punishment, removing the child from the setting, enforcing “timeouts,”– tends to exacerbate the issue. It… Read More