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Leadership Insights A high school class learning 21st century skills

A Framework for Teaching Tomorrow’s Innovators Today

By Jennifer GunnOctober 22, 2018

It’s said that today’s teachers are educating students for a job market that doesn’t yet exist. Foundational skills are still important, but how should this generation’s educators teach tomorrow’s workers and innovators? 21st-century learning is at the heart of a movement preparing students to work in a very different world. But the concept of 21st-century… Read More

Leadership Insights Memorial crosses for school shooting victims

Post-Crisis Challenges Associated with School Shootings

By Gail Kirby, EdDOctober 20, 2018

We never want to think about our worst fears but, when it comes to our school’s crisis preparedness, we need to make sure we have the proper protocol in place. Research indicates that schools are the least prepared to handle crises such as school shootings. Scant evidence-based data exist to help understand the challenges that school districts… Read More

For Teachers A teacher helping a small group of students with a STEAM project

Inclusive Teaching Strategies to Make STEAM Projects Accessible to All Learners

By Kara Wyman, MEdOctober 19, 2018

The STEAM movement has shed a great deal of light on the many benefits of teaching students interdisciplinary lessons and projects, but how do we make sure all of our learners are able to thrive in this innovative, multidimensional learning environment? We need a range of inclusive teaching strategies in order to meet our learners’… Read More

Faculty A faculty chair advising a doctoral student on her dissertation

Meet the Faculty: Candis Best, Doctoral Faculty Chair

By The Room 241 TeamOctober 18, 2018

With a wealth of experiences as a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a CEO within one of the nation’s largest public hospital systems, Candis Best, JD, MBA, MS, PhD, is one of Concordia University-Portland’s highly accomplished doctoral chairs. Whether you’re currently enrolled in our Doctorate of Education program or considering your options, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy learning about Best as we… Read More

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Leadership Insights

Re-imagining What School Looks Like

By Jennifer GunnSeptember 24, 2018

A growing number of schools are changing the education game by experimenting with new ideas, innovating and redesigning the ways in which students learn, what they learn, and how they demonstrate that learning. Let’s take a look at a few of these schools and consider ideas from education experts. Education is about growing, and how… Read More

Our Programs

6 Things You Might Not Know About Earning a Graduate Degree Online

By Room 241 TeamJune 8, 2018

If you’re curious yet uneasy about earning a graduate degree online, we get where you’re coming from. There are so many programs to sort through and for-profit scams to avoid. But when you find a high-quality, non-profit university that offers innovative programs on campus and online, that’s an option worth exploring. What better place to… Read More

Featured Cavalier

“We only have 180 days a year per kid to make a difference”: Q&A with John Paul Sanchez, EdD’17

By Kara Wyman, MEdApril 9, 2018

There’s more to motivating and driving change than meets the eye. As a school principal comparing his experience at Title 1 schools to more affluent ones, John Paul Sanchez recognized the need to push change in the right direction with a greater sense of urgency. Read how earning his EdD in Educational Administration has given… Read More