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Concordia University’s Professional Development Center is a one-stop resource where education professionals and students connect with the information needed to build a career.

The Professional Development Center features up-to-date information on the requirements to get a teacher’s license in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. There are also resources on licensing transfer requirements and state-by-state reciprocity agreements.

Many people believe that a degree in education automatically transfers to a career in teaching. While classroom teaching is a frequent outcome after you get your degree, there are many other careers that may fit you and your goals. A background in education can provide you with knowledge that can benefit many industries, including business, public service and guidance. Educators are also desirable as researchers, educational program designers, counselors and consultants. Your career path is entirely dependent on the atmosphere you would like to work in, the work you are interested in doing, and the salary you desire.

Concordia’s Professional Development Center can help you decide what education specialty is right for you with detailed articles on the outlook for careers from the classroom to the superintendent’s office. There are job descriptions—and pay ranges—for all types of education and education-related jobs in the center. Additionally, the Center will link you to the important state-level resources every educator needs.

Once you have focused on an education job specialty, the Professional Development Center will make it easy to connect with Concordia online degree programs that can help you take the next step.