Fun Smartboard Activities for Kindergarten Math

Because of its interactive and flexible nature, the SMART Board has become one of the most widely-used tools for educators in all subject areas. SMART Board activities are available for every age group, including very young children. here are several effective SMART Board activities for kindergarten math.

Ordering numbers game

Learning to distinguish larger numbers from smaller ones is one of the most important tasks kindergarten students face. With this SMART Board activity, students can practice this skill with an interactive underwater game. On the board, several numbers appear next to fish. Students play the game by selecting the numbers on the board in order from smallest to largest. If the order is correct, a fish will come and eat the numbers. If the order is incorrect, the fish releases the numbers from its mouth and students can try again. Each round consists of different numbers ranging from 1 to 100.

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Count with Lecky

Count with Lecky teaches children to recognize numbers and count objects. The activity features an alien named Lecky who attempts to “catch” and “count” different objects. Students help Lecky accomplish his task by using their computer’s mouse. Teachers have the option of setting the activity to teach numbers 1-5 or 6-10.

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Addition and subtraction

With this activity, students can practice their basic addition and subtraction skills by reading a sentence and adding or removing items from the screen to based on the instructions given.

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Odd or even

Students drag and drop odd and even number tiles into especially marked Venn diagram circles. There are three difficulty levels for numbers up to 100.

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