Websites that Help Students with High School Math

Read any article or ask any teacher about Common Core State Standards and you might see an eye roll or two. Common Core Standards are the new benchmarks that set common goals for students to achieve a standard level of aptitude in subjects across all 50 states. Perhaps at no time has it been more important for students, especially high school students, to be as prepared as possible for assessments of Common Core Standards as well as college aptitude exams such as the SATs and ACTs. Math proficiency is especially vital.

High school math may begin with algebra, but the learning curve extends to higher mathematics and sciences such as chemistry and physics. While every teacher tries to provide the attention every student needs, there is not enough time in the day and there are too many students in each class. Resources to help high school students stay on track and help them through more difficult areas of study are available in math websites, homework databases and lesson plans directories. In addition, many sites will offer games, videos and testing to help with high school math.

High School Math Websites

Math websites can range in design from simple problem-solving to advanced theories with additional site references. They can be divided by subject and grade level so that the student is not just visiting a page with numbers, but can focus on the type of mathematics where they may be experiencing difficulty in such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus. If the student is advanced and is still looking for math websites homework and math help on a higher level, there are also sites that cater to advanced placement mathematics and pre-college level math.

S.O.S. Mathematics

The developers of this site have been helping high school students achieve greater results in mathematics for 17 years. They have received numerous awards for their work and continue to provide a site that lends assistance in all areas of math. From explanations of theory to problem-solving equations, the information on this site is completely free. They also have a page entitled Cyberexam that offers quizzes and testing for each area of mathematics learning.

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It does not have a catchy name, but has everything needed for a website that assists students with help in high school math. This site is easy to navigate with a drop-down menu on the side that contains choices for every subject of mathematics studied on a high school level. The site also includes a section where teachers may find information for lesson plans and a multitude of classroom resources. There is another section for parents who need help from the website’s homework directory for their child.

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This is one of the more easily navigable high school math sites on the Internet. The home page is laid out in a block format that is easy to read. Mathbits provides help in high school math and college-level math as well. The site also follows common core standards. In addition, Mathbits takes advantage of modern technology by offering high school math lessons and games in PowerPoint and for the iPad. Students can find additional resources such as scientific and graphing calculators and downloadable graph paper.

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Another great site for help in high school math is This site is also well designed and offer lessons, examples and explanations that every high school math student needs. One unique attribute of this site is that they also have video lessons in many areas of mathematics. In addition, offers SAT and ACT tests with separate downloadable answer keys.

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These are just a few of the better websites that provide help in high school mathematics. Each one provides lessons, explanations and resources that will assist students, parents and teachers in achieving success to prepare the for the future.

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