5 iPad Apps for Middle School Math Classes

Online Learning Updated September 17, 2015

Encouraging students to integrate education technology into the learning process is a key objective for today’s educators. When students use modern electronics, such as iPads, to learn core subject matter, they not only learn about the subject itself, but they also increase their technological skills. To help middle school science teachers incorporate eLearning into the classroom, below are five excellent iPad apps that will enhance students’ learning experiences.



Algebra Touch

This app is perfect for those students who need additional algebra help. With Algebra Touch, students can practice and solve problems in a new and exciting way. This app allows for easy solving with the drag to rearrange, tap to simplify, and draw lines to reduce like terms features. Students will become math masters with the various materials that are covered such as simplification, like terms, order of operations, factorization, and distribution. This app has it all!

Geometry Stash

Geometry Stash is a digital collection of some of the most important theorems, corollaries and postulates geometry students will use while studying or doing homework. With this app, students can access any theorem they need immediately without taking the time to search through notes or flip through a textbook. The names of theorems can be browsed alphabetically, or students can search for the theorem they need by name.


This app, which was named the 2012 winner of the National Stem Video Game Challenge, allows students to learn algebra through a fun, interactive bingo game. As students play the game, they will learn the process of solving simple as well as complex algebraic equations. The game includes 13 different levels, and students can choose the type of bingo they want to play (straight line, blackout, etc). The game will also keep track of the students’ earned points and completion times, allowing students to compete with others or try to beat their own records.

Quick Graph

For many students, middle school marks the first exposure to basic graphing. Instead of requiring students to purchase a graphing calculator, teachers can use the Quick Graph app for iPad. With this application, students can graph virtually any equation. The interface is simple and intuitive, making it the perfect choice for students who are just learning how to graph.

Math Quizzer

Math Quizzer is an application designed to help students practice their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students can select the subject area they wish to practice, as well as their skill level. Each question is presented in flashcard form, and a sound indicates whether the response was correct or incorrect. The app also keeps track of students’ correct answers on a digital chalkboard.

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